Drum Roll!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to our Instagram nominees for MOST INSPIRING ACCOUNT, BEST TRAINER, and CITIZENSHIP AWARD! (No nominees for Best Aviculturist).

NOMINATIONS FOR BIRBIE AWARDS-FACEBOOK continue!!!! Tell us who has the Best Page, who is the Best Trainer, and the Best Aviculturist (Breeder); tell us who should win THE CITIZENSHIP AWARD!!!! Facebook Nominations are open until December 28, 2018, Midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Send Nominations by Message to @BirbObserver page or BirbObserver@gmail.com.

On Instagram, however, voting for Most Inspiring Account and Best Trainer begins NOW!!! [Best Aviculturist and The Citizenship Award are decided across Facebook & Instagram together, by members of the Organization of Professional Aviculturists (OPA) and our editorial staff, respectively, rather than by popular vote). Contestants, you can promote yourself and votes for yourself, so have at!!!!

On Instagram, our nominees for Most Inspiring Account ARE  —

@bird_tails: For setting a great example in bird knowledge and care: rescuing, rehabilitating birds and advocating the importance of bird flight to health.


@featherless_budgie_coco — for showing how with patience and encouragement we can understand the depth of life and beauty in others.

Coco's Garden Adventure (courtesy @featherless_budgie_coco (IG))
Coco’s Garden Adventure (courtesy @featherless_budgie_coco (IG))

@I_met_manko: For empowering those around her and providing crucial organizational energy to Brisbane Bird Social Club!


@mithoo_indianringneck— for his sweetest of all sweet voices and trust in people!

Smile -- While you still have a beak!
Smile — While you still have a beak!

@Rosie_and_George_the_budgie — For showing how much life and love a tiny bird has and how much hope there is in difficult times.

Rosie has eyes only for George!
Rosie has eyes only for George!

Let the voting BEGIN!!! Message @BirbObserver on Instagram, or send email vote to BirbObserver@gmail.com. All voting is private and confidential!!!!

For Best Trainer, our two nominees will run a close race!

@Budgiebrigade — For her courage in free-flight training of cockatiels Ki-Ok and Linnaeus and her advocacy of free flight for fids.

Ki-Ok & Linnaeus outdoors, on a branch, in the air!

@koa-tiko — For her acuity (she is the cleverest bird in Canada!) and facility in learning through training.

Artiste Koa struts her stuff!
Artiste Koa struts her stuff!

Finally, we are greatly honored to name our Nominees for The Citizenship Award (but they are not selected by popular vote, sorry! The Citizenship Award goes to only one nominee, whether from Instagram or Facebook, and is an overarching honor.)

@fluffy.bird — For fostering a community full of love for birds and promoting always their best care.

Happy Holidays from Froggie!
Happy Holidays from Froggie!

@laala_the_banana — For her amazing devotion to feeding the Indian ringnecks of London.

Anika charms the wild birds
Anika charms the wild birds


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