The first Saturday of December gay galahs and crafty cockatiels gathered — from Wagga Wagga to Wollongong — and descended on the unsuspecting Canberra, Australia’s Capital city to make merry the month! Under the leadership of Adrienne Bennett (@birdsocialsoz (IG)) and eclectus CharlieBirdUrquhart, meeting on social media at the Facebook’s Canberra Parrot Meet Up, this group had a fest, a party, a blast!  If you’re a parront in Canberra area, please join the group!

Galahs racing to gather in seed! Quakers preening as if there were need! Oh, yes, and somewhere the stockings were hung with care in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there!

The mood was merry, the perches and food aplenty.  Smiles and laughter filled the room.

The cheer spread through the air as birds chirped and their eyes grew wide — in curiousity, in anticipation, in joy unlike they’d had before!

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These spirited sprites sung in the season, nary a tuning fork in sight!

For now, Ozzie and Kiwi birds meet in Facebook groups for announcements of meetups, but now under construction and soon to serve you, check out!

Keep your flight feathers primed: the parronts & fids in New Zealand are welcome to join Facebook group New Zealand Indoor Flight & Meetup Club at their next birdie social event. Next, January 20, 2019, at 1 pm, courtesy of Bird Socials Australia and Yoshi’s Feathered Retreat, that Sydney Birdie Meet Ups group will be ringing in the New Year!

So, parronts & fids! Happy, happy holidays & New Year! And let the parrots and cockatoos enrich your holiday fun and 2019!

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