Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary

During the week of August 21, 2017, the birds housed at the Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary near Houston, Texas knew something was going to happen. The barometric pressure was changing as a hurricane named Harvey strengthened and moved toward the Texas Coast. Director Jill Donaho her helper Colin activated a plan to move the … Continue reading Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary


I’m Joanna and I’m thrilled to be part of BirbObserver and to have this opportunity to communicate birb behavior science. When I was three, I played Pollypenisia, Dr. Doolittle’s talking African Grey Parrot in a children’s theater production of Dr. Doolittle. I’ve been talking about parrots ever since! I have recently given lectures on parrot … Continue reading Hello!

Hello Everybirdie!

My name is Keito, I’m a Blue Headed Pionus Parrot (Pionus menstruus).  My human’s name is Linda.  Me, mommy, my sister Abby (a Maximillian Pionus), dad and a very silly dog named Lincoln live on a lake in Central Ontario, Canada. Mommy is helping BirbObserver with website/blog writing, formatting, etc., but I’m really the boss … Continue reading Hello Everybirdie!