To celebrate Valentine's day and our fans, we are holding a contest!  Follow @BirbObserver, post a bird-related photo with a caption that begins with "Love is...", and tag your photo with #birbloveis to be entered to win a customized t-shirt featuring your photo and caption! Take as many photos as you like: each "love is..." … Continue reading “Love is…. WINNING FREE STUFF!

Welcome to Horus!

Horus is YOUR page, Horus belongs to you, our readers!  You are invited to submit musings about your own bird, another bird, wild birds... basically, anything about birds - real, fictional, mythical, etc.  Send us your poetry, short essays, short stories, artwork, etc., and we'll post it on Horus for all to view, read and appreciate! … Continue reading Welcome to Horus!

Teach your bird to Come when Called

by Joanna Berger Training your pets to come when called is extremely important for their safety and provides them with lots of great mental and physical exercise. Training your birds to come when called can be a fun game to play with them.  A key first step is to train your bird to Step-Up AND … Continue reading Teach your bird to Come when Called

Healthy Food, Healthy Fid!

by Tandi Glaser It's vital to remember that our feathered kids' nutrition is as crucial for them as breathing is for us, and we need to make sure they are at their healthiest and playful best!  Our feathered kids need a balanced diet just like we do: vitamins, minerals and the odd treat here and … Continue reading Healthy Food, Healthy Fid!

Bird’s Eye View: January 15, 2018

At a time when we invest heavily in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy – and at a time when  species extinction has reached its highest rate in human history – we owe it to ourselves, our children, our common Earth to scrutinize carefully the cost/benefit ratio of offshore oil drilling. Read the … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View: January 15, 2018

The Round Up – January 15th

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  Rev. King once observed that humanity had "learned to fly the air like birds" yet not to "walk the Earth as brothers and sisters."  Our anipals are the wind beneath our wings; truly, our birds, with their daily needs and demanding habits, ground us in the practices of humanity. … Continue reading The Round Up – January 15th


My pastor recently told me that losing pets hurts because we project our humanity onto them. I believe this is a tendency we all have, and it’s not just limited to animals.  The scientific community generally frowns on this, and yet it’s a common thing unique to humanity that helps us to connect with the … Continue reading Anthropomorphism