Cuteness Overload at the Brisbane BSC Cafe and Beach Sunday!!!

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Welcome to our new Psitta-Social page.  When you have an announcement about a meet-up or club and need help spreading the word, just send it to us for announcements.  We will do our best to publish, not as part of the monthly round, but upon submission.

DownUnder, under guidance of such FaceBook leaders as Adrienne Bennett, Clive Willgoss and Ann-Sophie Salomez. The contact for the Brisbane Bird Social Club on Instagram is @i_met_manko. The Instagram contact is the club’s organizer for bird-friendly cafe get-togethers, children’s activities like the painting class pictured below.

Adrienne Bennett notes also that new clubs in Adelaide (pictured below) and Canberra (also pictured below) are likely to have bi-monthly meet-up schedules.

Please, if you recognize yourself or others in the photos and want more detailed credits, contact us by DM, Messenger or at

Upcoming Meet-Ups

Auckland, September 22 (Contact Clive Willgoss (free-flight) or Ann-Sophie Salomez (Parrot Socializing)

Melbourne (Parrot Socializing) October 6 (Contact Adrienne Bennett)

Commemorating the fun!

Photo credits to Instagram’s @Krisztinas.flock.

Adelaide, June 4, 2018

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Brisbane July Fun

Melbourne’s most recent

Canberra, August 11 ,2018




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