(Total Queens of Chicken Fluff! Courtesy of Kaza Bowler)

November 25: BBSC: Brisbane Awed by Chicken Beauty Queens

Led by Instagram’s @I_met_manko and @haus_of_mango, Brisbane Bird Social Club (FB) (@_@bbsc_ (IG)) hosted a Redcliff park event Sunday, November 25, 2018. Eight social parrots and chickens graced the park: Manko (macaw), Mango (conure), Bella and Silky (chickens),  BB the Alexandrine, Nancy the Loveliest (lorikeet), and Snowflake (quail).

Peruse below; this park adventure is only one of many varied settings this group arranges for bird meet-ups.  If you’re in the Brisbane area and on Facebook, ask to join the  BBSC Brisbane Bird Social Club group; if you’re on Instagram, follow @_bbsc_  to stay informed about upcoming events.


A picnic table spread with food at once appropriate, stylish and edible complemented the lattice-work protected patio.


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But, most of all, Manko in his modest graciousness was struck dumb by the utmost glamour of Bella and Silky’s total fluff! Did the gals talk their parronts into a walk to escape eager male eyes?


The birds, generally in harness, flaunted their stuff, thrilled to be outdoors and in a non-threatening but stimulating new environment.


Fellowship abounded among fids and parronts as well.


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November 24: Kiwis Courageous!

Another great meetup in Auckland this past Saturday, with lorikeets, an Indian ringneck, ecltecus parrots, and Senegal and African Grey parrots!  To learn the details of the next Auckland meet-up, contact Facebook’s Clive Willgoss or Ann-Sophie Salomez! These parronts and fids are eager to meet their bird-loving neighbors, and as you can see there’s a spacious room! Come on over next time and join the fun!


These fids are looking in their prime, but I’m thinking the parronts got a little camera shy this time—


While photos catch the parrots in their still glory, they were a whole lot more active than that!


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Those Awesome Ozzies are at it Again!

Adrienne Bennett (FB), that bird-loving, cross-country driving, energetic-amazing organizer behind Instagram’s @BirdSocialsOz, will hit the road from Melbourne to Canberra to facilitate another incredible Canberra meet-up December 1!

Contact Adrienne via FaceBook, Messenger or Instagram DM for additional details, dust off that travel carrier and get ready to arrive at this Bird Social in style, Canberrites!

[So which of youz all were already targeted by this awesome ad!]

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Courtesy of Shantal of @Sydney Birdie

Parrot Party in Sydney Style

Last week the parrots of Sydney partied like only Ozzie parrots know how! At the gracious private Rouse Hill residence of Shantel of Facebook Group @Sydney Birdie Meet Ups fame.

The fare was oh so fine!


The gracious companionability of friends and fids so heartwarming!



Fellowship and new friendships uplifted spirits!


It was truly, better than life ever really gets! If you’re a parront in the Sydney area, be sure to join this Facebook group!


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Magic Birb Meet-ups!

Last weekend the Ozzies put together two meet-ups which we report here: Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Brisbane Bird Social Club, a club of highly social birds and meet-up sophistication, enjoyed a taste of the outdoors under the novelty of a cleverly hung netting.


More’s the fun with large, active and growing club!


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For Melbourne, there was a touch of nostalgia in the room: it was the last meet-up of a successful year. Come back next year! And bring your bird friends with you!


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Awesome Auckland Birds Give Audience

Lorikeets, pionus, Indian ringnecks, conures and a Senegal parrot gathered their parronts in Auckland October 27 and demonstrated socialization to their parronts with great style.


This coming weekend Bird Socials Australia (@birdsocialozaustralia (IG)) establishes its Sydney presence; Brisbane Bird Social Club (@_bbsc_ (IG)) holds an outdoor meet-up under a tent of netting (see announcement below), and the Melbourne group hosts its final event for the year! Adrienne Bennett for Melbourne and Sydney details; contact Katheryn Tayleh (@i_met_manko (IG)) for further info about Melbourne’s event

Canberra on December 1 holds a meet-up hosted by Melissa Holz, and the Newcastle/Hunter groups are holding a December 15 meetup in Aberdare, NSW. Contact Laura Bertholli for the Aberdare event.

October 6: Melbourne parrots caper and tease

Melbourne birds gathered for their bird social event October 6, 2018. Eclectus parrots, quakers, cockatiels, conures, even ringnecks filled the hall . . . along with their parronts.


Whether on heads, shoulders, back or arms, parrots generally circulated with their humans, but there was also free time on perches.


Between eating — and eating — and socializing, the fids and parronts relaxed in the safe environment.


Parrots, of course, triumphed at keeping the center of attention, of course, on themselves.


All in all a good time was had by all.


Adrienne Bennett (FB) organized the event and is the go-to contact for future events in the Melbourne area. She is also a contact person for start-up groups in other locations. Note that all birds attending must meet certain health requirements. Please contact Adrienne for further information. Photos above are courtesy of Krisztina (@krisztinas.flock (IG)).


Cuteness Overload at the Brisbane BSC Cafe and Beach Sunday!!!


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Welcome to our new Psitta-Social page. When you have an announcement about a meet-up or club and need help spreading the word, just send it to us for announcements. We will do our best to publish, not as part of the monthly round, but upon submission.

DownUnder, under guidance of such FaceBook leaders as Adrienne Bennett, Clive Willgoss and Ann-Sophie Salomez. The contact for the Brisbane Bird Social Club on Instagram is @i_met_manko. The Instagram contact is the club’s organizer for bird-friendly cafe get-togethers, children’s activities like the painting class pictured below.

Adrienne Bennett notes also that new clubs in Adelaide (pictured below) and Canberra (also pictured below) are likely to have bi-monthly meet-up schedules.

Please, if you recognize yourself or others in the photos and want more detailed credits, contact us by DM, Messenger or at

Upcoming Meet-Ups

Auckland, September 22 (Contact Clive Willgoss (free-flight) or Ann-Sophie Salomez (Parrot Socializing)

Melbourne (Parrot Socializing) October 6 (Contact Adrienne Bennett)

Commemorating the fun!

Photo credits to Instagram’s @Krisztinas.flock.

Adelaide, June 4, 2018


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Brisbane July Fun


Melbourne’s most recent


Canberra, August 11 ,2018




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