HatchLine: Congrats to our 1st Annual Birbie Award Winners!

After the arduous and inexact and -- for the contestants, perhaps also anxious -- task of singling out the sole individuals to receive honors, BirbObserver can now name ALL its winners for 2018: MOST INSPIRING:                                          … Continue reading HatchLine: Congrats to our 1st Annual Birbie Award Winners!

Psitta-Social: Merry New Years Moments in Melbourne

A big thank you to Instagram's @pablos_birdtoys, who provided this magnificent home and back garden -- covered in permanent netting! -- as the Place-for-Party-Parrots in Melbourne New Year's Day. Room to flap those wings or locomote bipedally abounded -- Of course, all birds present had recently been vetted -- a requirement for bird socializing on this … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Merry New Years Moments in Melbourne

HatchLine: Thank you, Mitchell Knox!

As @BirbObserver recognizes excellence in 2018 with the 1st Annual Birbie Awards, propriety dictates -- and the heart cries out! -- that we recognize Mitchell Knox and his unparalleled contributions to the Facebook Avian community: Mitchell Knox is the founder of the largest Facebook bird group: Macaw and Other Parrots, which currently boasts over 21,000 … Continue reading HatchLine: Thank you, Mitchell Knox!

1st Annual Birbie Awards: Nominate those Facebook candidates!

Drum Roll!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to our Instagram nominees for MOST INSPIRING ACCOUNT, BEST TRAINER, and CITIZENSHIP AWARD! (No nominees for Best Aviculturist). NOMINATIONS FOR BIRBIE AWARDS-FACEBOOK continue!!!! Tell us who has the Best Page, who is the Best Trainer, and the Best Aviculturist (Breeder); tell us who should win THE CITIZENSHIP AWARD!!!! Facebook Nominations are open … Continue reading 1st Annual Birbie Awards: Nominate those Facebook candidates!

Christmas Fun in Canberra!

The first Saturday of December gay galahs and crafty cockatiels gathered -- from Wagga Wagga to Wollongong -- and descended on the unsuspecting Canberra, Australia's Capital city to make merry the month! Under the leadership of Adrienne Bennett (@birdsocialsoz (IG)) and eclectus CharlieBirdUrquhart, meeting on social media at the Facebook's Canberra Parrot Meet Up, this … Continue reading Christmas Fun in Canberra!

HatchLine: Feral Macaws Muse in Coconut Palms

Coral Gables, Florida -- The rubicund sun lengthened the shadows as we stood on a Miami flagstone patio craning our necks, gazing awestruck at six blue and gold macaws roosting high in the tops of royal palms.  Fully half of the remaining flock has showed up to be seen, as if they knew visitors were … Continue reading HatchLine: Feral Macaws Muse in Coconut Palms

TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

It is November. In this part of the Northern Hemisphere colorful autumn leaves have turned to dry brown crumbles on the ground, and that gray which precedes snow reigns day after day. The Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Grenadans, South Vietnamese and South Koreans all beat us to it, folks! celebrating Thanksgiving in October. Even Liberia celebrated … Continue reading TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

AFA Disaster Assistance in Northern California

Today AFA has announced the availability of temporary avian boarding facilities in Northern California, available as a measure of Disaster Relief, given the raging fires. AFA is also gladly accepting donations. AFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

The Great #Trickortreatteebirb Tee Drawing

Get into the Halloween mood -- create a Halloween themed picture featuring your bird, and enter the great #Trickortreatbirb Tee Halloween Bird Photo drawing for a chance to win a custom tee shirt of your favorite bird picture! Entries must be submitted no later than 8:00 pm Wednesday, October 31, Eastern Daylight Savings time (UTC … Continue reading The Great #Trickortreatteebirb Tee Drawing