What to do when you can’t take care of your bird

by Mary Caton There are times when a parrot owner realizes that they can no longer take care of a beloved pet.  Before looking for a new home, you need to ask yourself why you want to re-home your bird.  Maybe it's a behavioral issue that you need help with.  As parrots are incredibly intelligent … Continue reading What to do when you can’t take care of your bird

Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

by Tandi Glaser The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens (“the Zoo”) is in the Hengrabari Reserve forest in Assam's capital, Guwahati. The Zoo’s grounds house rescue and rehabilitation facilities, and the Zoo offers services in nature-tourism. A repository of bio-diversity, the Zoo seeks to become a complete recreational and educational destination in North-east India. … Continue reading Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

A Fine, Fine Line

By S Katherine Clarke, with Sarah Ludick Our February 15th edition of The Round Up asks if there's a Fine, Fine Line between a budgie’s fascination with mirrors and an African Grey’s plot for #birdworlddominion?  In honor of Valentine’s Day, this issue explores birb self-love — in its hopefully healthy expression. See all the wonderful photos … Continue reading A Fine, Fine Line

Bourke’s Parrot

by Mariah Hughes The Bourke's Parrot is a nomadic parakeet that thrives across the diverse landscapes of Australia.  These small, diurnal, pink-and-brown birds can be observed in tight-knit flocks anywhere from eucalyptus forests to dry scrubland to harsh cityscapes, but their preferred habitat is arid scrub.  In captivity, Bourke's Parrots are gaining popularity, thanks in … Continue reading Bourke’s Parrot


by Sherri Moorer There’s one thing birds have in common: they’re mischievous!  It seems that something about us brings out the silly side in our parrots.  Such behaviors serve parrots well in the wild where they need a lot of energy and intelligence to seek food sources, create safe homes, and protect their young.  In … Continue reading Mischief

Morty’s Letter from Kiki

  After receiving a letter from a distraught Kiki, worried that her mom is doing way too much taste testing as she prepares the contents for birdie food bowls, Morty provides some cheeky suggestions to help Kiki remind her mom that she's a human, not a birdie! Read Morty's hilarious suggestions on how Kiki can … Continue reading Morty’s Letter from Kiki

Decline of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

This year the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 ("MBTA", 16 U.S.C. 703-712) celebrates one century of international coordination on bird conservation with Canada. The MBTA is a US public law implementing a US-UK treaty negotiated by the United Kingdom on behalf of Canada. Later, Mexico, Japan and the Soviet Union (now as its successor … Continue reading Decline of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered BirbObserver's 'Birbloveis' Valentine's Day Contest, we were deluged with over 50 entries from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!  Each entry was so creative and thoughtful, congratulations to everyone for your submissions - all entries were wonderful! It was difficult selecting the final 3 winners, but after much deliberation, the following entries … Continue reading Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Contest Winners!


Valentine's Day is a mere 2 days away - have you submitted your #birbloveis photo yet?  Don't miss your chance to win an awesome prize by showing the world your birb love!  Enter our Valentine's Day 'Love Is..." Contest to win a prize for your birb photo creativity!   Follow @BirbObserver on Twitter or BirbObserver … Continue reading LAST CALL FOR LOVE!