Horus: Owen Pointon, Pt 2: Life, Loves & Inspiration

In the best of times, artists attain a fruitful mature period when their unique perspective flows untramneled onto canvas, or plaster, or into marble or other media, yielding a significant body of high-quality, distinctive work. Australian wildlife and heritage artist Owen Pointon's recent appointment as Artist in Residence at a new art gallery in Atherton, … Continue reading Horus: Owen Pointon, Pt 2: Life, Loves & Inspiration

Psitta-Social: Melbourne Meet ups Gain Critical Mass!

February 9, the Melbourne parronts and fids held their greatest gathering yet! As the photos and videos show, parrot-lovers of all ages, and feathered friends of many species gathered in a cool great room on a hot summer's day, and reveled in one another's unique, treasured presence. Hop with excitement, oh, ye feathered friends! (Courtesy … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Melbourne Meet ups Gain Critical Mass!

TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

It is November. In this part of the Northern Hemisphere colorful autumn leaves have turned to dry brown crumbles on the ground, and that gray which precedes snow reigns day after day. The Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Grenadans, South Vietnamese and South Koreans all beat us to it, folks! celebrating Thanksgiving in October. Even Liberia celebrated … Continue reading TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!

Our November 17 issue will feature galah cockatoo news, information, and issues! Please share your galah knowledge, love, art, and concerns with us! On Facebook, contact us via our page, at @BirbObserver; on Instagram and Twitter please contact us by tagging or direct message; or email us at BirbObserver@gmail.com. We strive to provide you community … Continue reading Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!