Psitta-Social: Merry New Years Moments in Melbourne

A big thank you to Instagram's @pablos_birdtoys, who provided this magnificent home and back garden -- covered in¬†permanent netting! -- as the Place-for-Party-Parrots in Melbourne New Year's Day. Room to flap those wings or locomote bipedally abounded -- Of course, all birds present had recently been vetted -- a requirement for bird socializing on this … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Merry New Years Moments in Melbourne


Christmas Fun in Canberra!

The first Saturday of December gay galahs and crafty cockatiels gathered -- from Wagga Wagga to Wollongong -- and descended on the unsuspecting Canberra, Australia's Capital city to make merry the month! Under the leadership of Adrienne Bennett (@birdsocialsoz (IG)) and eclectus CharlieBirdUrquhart, meeting on social media at the Facebook's Canberra Parrot Meet Up, this … Continue reading Christmas Fun in Canberra!