Remembering Trixie

About a week ago we got the news that Tracy Pearce’s beautiful girl Trixie had flown Over the Rainbow Bridge.  The online birdie community came together to support Tracy in her time of grief and remember sweet @TrixieRedBum.  The following slideshow was  created to honor Trixie, now watching over mom from the Rainbow Bridge.  Rest in peace Trixie, always missed, forever loved.

Memories of Penne & Warden

A year ago we received news of a horrific fire that took the life of a gentle, beautiful soul.  Alice (a.k.a. Warden) and Penne brought much joy, happiness, silliness, and love to so many humans and parrots from around the world.  Alice was a kind, gentle woman with a heart and soul of gold.  Alice’s companion birdie Penne, a Yellow-Naped Green Amazon, had a never ending twinkle in his eye and a keen sense for mischief making.  It’s important to say here that I and many have not given up on finding Penne – #FindPenne  as there is no record of him succumbing to the fire.

Alice, whose handle on Twitter was Warden (@KillersWarden), brought together a tightknit group of individuals, who now, bound by collective loss, have become close friends and confidants, sharing  dreams, love, struggles, grief, and triumphs.  Alice posted many comical tweets about Penne, including some wherein Penne apparently stole her crochet hooks and wouldn’t give them back.  Penne had his own account too (@KillerParrot), and he’d banter back and forth with Warden and his followers with equal levels of impunity and hilarity.  Penne had little patience for waiting – for food or attention, and he’d let Warden know about it!

I connected with Warden and her sidekick Penne through our mutual love of tennis.  Oh yes, Warden loved her tennis, especially a little known player by the name of RAFAEL NADAL (hee hee).  A group of us would ‘watch’ matches together via Twitter, with some of us rooting for players who, let’s say, Warden wasn’t too crazy about.  She’d remind us just how much better Nadal was compared with all others. Based on this pic, you can understand just how devoted Warden and Penne were to their Spaniard


I know others were much closer to Penne and Warden than I, and I am so very sorry for your loss.  I have combed through Twitter and Facebook to collect some pictures to remember and celebrate a woman and a parrot that brought together a scattered group of people who would otherwise may have never connected in the virtual or real world.

The following are photos and clips posted with / under #FindPenne

Warden and Penne were always championing others.  The following is from @paulineporter16 – note both Warden and Penne were busy Tweeters 🙂

the best fan

The friends I’ve made through Warden and Penne are as dear to me as any I have ever made.  As you look down upon us from heaven Alice, know that you are so very much loved, that you are missed every single day, and that you will never be forgotten. Penne, wherever you are, come back to us, come back to Coco, he misses his best friend so, so much.  Our hearts were broken into innumerable pieces that fateful day last year.  Time may have elapsed, but the grief and loss has not.

Farewell Friend pictorial

If it weren’t for social media, a truly wonderful group of people and birdies all over the world would never have connected with you Alice, and thereby never would have connecting with one another.  I cannot imagine or fathom a day without knowing and ‘talking’ with the humans and parrots I’ve met because of you.  Your memory will live on through these connections, forever.  Nor will we give up on finding Penne.  We are here Penne – until we meet again, we will always be here, waiting for you to come back to us.

Much love.
Linda, Keito and Abby

To see some videos taken of Penne, go to: 


Mordecaia aka Mort aka “Boo” of Ohio passed away February 22, 2013 from a spleen tumor.  She was happy too the end, never showing any signs of illness. Mort rescued her parronts when she flew into their garage on 2006.  She then proceeded to fly into a nearby tree, chase out the neighbor’s cat and fly to safety on the back screen door. Showing her spunky spirit, she clamped on to daddy’s hand when he went to get her safe.  Her original owners were never found and she decided to adopt us as her new parronts.

Mort 2012-01-08

Mort was named after 1908 World Series Cubs pitcher, Mordecai Brown.  Her parronts originally named her Mordecai as well but several years later upon learning she was not a boy they added an ‘a’ to her name. She has many other nicknames including momma’s special one of Boo. She was a huge Cubs fan along with her flock. She loved water (washers and dishwashers as well as fountains and streams), loved watching TV and movies, especially those with explosions and cool sound effects, and the Simpsons. She loved to sing, wear her bell as a hat, bathe in her water dish, eating cucumber, climbing on her cage, playing the finger game, and a good sprig of millet.  She loved her brother and couldn’t wait to meet him when he first came home. Her parronts always knew when it was time to uncover her as her dad would click and she would respond back.  When she wanted to go to bed she would do a flip on her perch. She loved her Cubs and A’s MLB teams as well all green and yellow sports teams including the Packers, even though her parronts were Niners fans.

Mort is survived by her parronts, Heather and Doug and her brother Fergeson (Fergie, white-face cockatiel).  Her brother Alex (budgie) joined her over the rainbow bridge on December 14, 2017. Knowing how much her flock would miss her Mort put the wheels in motion for her brother to be adopted. She purchased a cage for a bird in need that only a short time later needed to be rehomed and would become her brother.

Mordecaia was a brave girl who brought joy and happiness to her flock.  She was a gateway bird opening her parronts to the fulfilling life of being owned by birds.


Alex P Keat (Momma spelled it as Keet) of Ohio passed away after a brave battle with a gizzard illness on December 14, 2017. He always had digestive issues but didn’t let it slow him down or keep him from enjoying life. A week after his sister Mort passed the vet called to mention a patient that needed a new home. A snow storm delayed the flock from going to meet Alex for a few days. After his brother Fergie (white-face cockatiel) gave his approval he was adopted by his forever family.

Alex P Keet 2013-08-25 008

He was originally named Keet but his parronts renamed him to Alex P Keat after the Family Ties character Alex P Keaton.  True to his namesake Alex loved money; he tweeted to financial talk on tv, and the cash register noise in the CNBC wait music while streaming.  He also loved sports: baseball, football, basketball, tennis and to the surprise of his flock … curling. He claimed responsibility for the Cubs World Series win in 2016 and two Warriors championships. He often “worked” the games helping the flock’s teams win.  He used to share the duty with his brother but after too many losses he took over everything.

He loved sci-fi, star wars being his favorite, action movies, cartoons such as Teen Titans, video games, movie scores, Irish music, and some Beach Boys.  He tweeted with such zest that the parronts would have to turn the sound up “due to the Alex factor”.  He had the habit of tweeting happily when his parronts were out of the room or when they were out of the house. He would stop immediately when they entered the room. He would always stop and play attention when his parronts talked to him.  He would respond to his name and mimicked the intonation momma used to say his name even though the words were not discernible.

He loved vacuum cleaners, momma washing dishes, water noises (washer, dish washer, shower, bath tub), getting his brother’s attention, humprey (grape vine perch), skiing from his bells, crawling upside down on his cage, hanging from his toy and flapping his wings. Alex had special time out of the cage called reservations.  He loved to fly up to the shower curtain rod or to the towel rack where he brother was sitting.  He also loved to get a steam during parronts’ showers.  If he wasn’t brought in he would yell until they came to get him.  It didn’t matter how fun the activity he was doing was. He usually wanted to go to bed when momma did and would start to pace for bedtime when he heard her toothbrush.  He loved to watch the outdoor birds at the Triple M feeder (memorial to sister) and would often bathe in his water dish and flap for them.  He and momma had a special game involving feeding her pinky name and sitting on her finger when she put it through his cage bars.

He is survived by his parronts, Heather and Doug and his brother Fergeson (Fergie,  white-face cockatiel).  He was pre-deceased by his sister Mort who met up with him over the rainbow bridge.

Alex was a resilient, fun loving boy who is deeply missed by his brother and parronts.

by @buckeyecub (Heather)


Pionus Parrots entered my life, and my soul, with the arrival of my first Pi, a White Capped named Guga.  Guga came into my life in the early 90s, and left all too soon in 2001.  I named him Guga after Brazilian tennis legend Gustavo Kuerten, whose nickname was ‘Guga’.  Like Gustavo, Guga too was young, bright, and handsome.  At the time, I was living with another birdie named Quark, a Red-Bellied Parrot.  Quark was a little parrot with a huge attitude.  Unfortunately, Quark became too much for me to handle as he became increasingly aggressive to the point I could not touch or handle him at all.  I found a wonderful new home for Quark in Eastern Canada.  When I contacted the gentleman of a sanctuary out there, he asked me if I had ever heard of Pionus Parrots.  I said no, I hadn’t.  I decided to read up on the species before arriving at the sanctuary.


I arrived at Quark’s new home, a lovely sanctuary with a few birds and two wonderful people.  And there, I met Guga.  He was about 8 months old, and his white cap only covered the very top of his head, and he had some blue, rose and turquoise hues starting on his chest.  I fell in love right there, right then with Pionus.  He chortled, begged for food, and loved to cuddle and snuggle.  Oh my goodness, how could I have never known about Pionus until Guga!  I continued to offer baby formula for a little while – the begging sounds of young Pionus are not soon forgotten – and still adored.

Guga moved with me as I changed jobs in southern Ontario, always the best little travel trooper.  He was a boy (tested), but he was never aggressive.  I learned to read his body language, and knew that when he fluffed his cheek feathers in the early evening and made his way onto his nighttime perch, cuddle and playtime were over: Guga put himself to bed every night.  Guga knew ‘up up’, and stepped up for me and hubby almost every time he was asked.  He LOVED his baths, and loved his foot toys, chewing them to bits with glee and gusto.  We were inseparable when I was home, with Guga riding on my shoulder, helping me with chores by chattering and chortling in my ear.  He gave endless kisses and, in a distinctive Pi voice, said ‘I love you’, ‘good birdie’, ‘good morning’, ‘hello Guga’, and ‘night night’.

One April day, Guga flew out an open door, frightened by a loud noise my hubby made.  I tried in vain to get him to come back to me.  I called, and called, and called for him, I left his travel cage outside with the door open, food in his bowl and his night night perch in its rightful place.  I left the cage outside for a few days, and drove around the area calling Guga’s name until I was hoarse.

I made a horrible mistake and I couldn’t undo the damage I had done.  I lost my best, true friend.  It broke my heart into many pieces, and it took me a very long time to build up the courage to bring another parrot into my home, and heart.  While I had lived with Quark before, there was a much stronger, deeper connection with Guga, one I could never have imagined was even possible.  Even now, I think of Guga often, and I still ask him for forgiveness for my negligence that fateful day.  I believe in the Rainbow Bridge and one day, I know I will see Guga again.  He’ll ride on my shoulder and chortle away as we walk together.  I’ll never forget you Guga, never.  Night night sweet boy.

Keito came into my life a year later.

by Linda – @Quarkybirdy


Ollie 1-22-13

Oliver Moorer, of Columbia, SC, passed away after a courageous battle with a spinal tumor on February 27, 2014. Oliver was found outside of his daddy’s workplace on June 24, 2010. Efforts to locate his original owner were unsuccessful, so he was adopted by his parronts as a baby runaway parakeet.

Oliver was named after Oliver Queen, the superhero on Arrow. He loved that television show, along with other superhero shows and movies. Oliver sang beautifully and often serenaded his family with his sweet songs. He liked all kinds of music, chasing his brother, playing with his toys, standing on the cabinets, hanging out with the flock, and Iron Man.

Oliver is survived by his parronts, Rick and Sherri Moorer; and his brother, Zacchaeus (Zack, a sun conure). His sister, Chloe (a sun conure) joined him over the rainbow bridge on December 2, 2017, following an accident.

Oliver was a joyful soul and a talented singer, he is greatly loved and missed.


Chloe Moorer, of Columbia, SC, passed away after an accident on December 2, 2017. Born in 2003 in Florida, she was moved to Parrot Mountain and Gardens in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where she was lovingly adopted on May 20, 2010, and moved to Columbia, SC, with her new flock.

Chloe was a sweetheart and a beauty queen. She loved hanging out with mommy, sitting on the porch, playing on her play gym, holidays, celebrations, visiting family and friends, interacting with her friends on Twitter and at the ConureCorner website and blog, and sticking her ‘nose’ into whatever her flock was doing. Chloe was an avid fan of the University of South Carolina, the University of Tennessee, Bruce Lee, Superman, and most of all, Captain America. She enjoyed giving kisses to her mommy and grandmommy, drinking daddy’s juice, eating good food, a rousing mystery, listening to mommy’s stories and ideas for novels, and looking her best. Chloe starred in several Anipal Land stories on the ConureCorner blog, alongside her Twitter pals, as a Kung-fu master who helped to save the day.

Chloe is survived by her parronts, Rick and Sherri Moorer; her brother, Zacchaeus (Zack, a sun conure on Twitter as @wazzupzack); and her sister, Bubbles (a blue Moncks Parakeet, on Twitter as @CaptainBubbs). She was pre-deceased by a brother, Oliver (Ollie, a green budgie who passed of cancer in 2014).

Chloe was a kind and generous bird, and a great listener. She is greatly loved and missed.

Sherri Fulmer Moorer, Independent Author