BirdsEyeView: THE Aviculturist– Tony Silva

Tony Silva -- winner of BirbObserver's 1st Annual Birbie for Best Aviculturist-- earned his wings in exotics field research and zoo management (Silva is a former Loro Parque Curator) as well as in aviculture. Author of the ever-informative Psittaculture (now available in its second, updated edition!), Silva exudes a focused energy, keen attention and calm competence. … Continue reading BirdsEyeView: THE Aviculturist– Tony Silva

HatchLine: Little Corella Targeted

Thanks to the City of Playford's council spokespersons for their assistance with this article.] November 5, 2018, the Mount Barker District Council issued a "scaring" notice for Little Corellas, following their April 3, 2018 decision endorsing "selective legal shooting" of flock leaders, or "scout" corellas. The measures seek to discourage flocks, especially the largest flock, from … Continue reading HatchLine: Little Corella Targeted