Note to Readers

Just a short note to let you know that as we continue to switch over to our new website - - we'll be taking a short hiatus from publishing The Round Up.  Rest assured that this marquis section of BirbObserver will be back in the coming few weeks! In the meantime we encourage you to … Continue reading Note to Readers

The Round Up Archives is Here!

Thanks to everyone for responding so positively to The Round Up - we couldn't assemble such awesome photos, videos and stories every two weeks without you, our contributors and readers!! With such overwhelming support for BirbObserver and The Round Up, we acknowledge that the page takes a while to download because of the over abundance … Continue reading The Round Up Archives is Here!

The Round Up – March 15

By S Katherine Clarke, with Sarah Ludick In this edition, Katherine and Sarah have once again assembled together several excellent photos, videos and stories from around the social media universe.  From 'Spring watch" to an in-depth look the Facebook group BirdSquad, readers will enjoy a wonderful ensemble of current 'bird happenings' from Twitter, Instagram and … Continue reading The Round Up – March 15

Horus: The Yellowhammer’s Nest

Birds have inspired some of the most moving and insightful art and literature in history.  Consider the following insightful and moving poem from English poet John Clare (1793 – 1864): The Yellowhammer's Nest BY JOHN CLARKE Just by the wooden brig a bird flew up, Frit by the cowboy as he scrambled down To reach … Continue reading Horus: The Yellowhammer’s Nest

Quakin’, Shakin’ Feathers

By Mark LaBarre For five days before Helike disappeared, all the mice, martens, snakes, centipedes, beetles -- and every other creature of that kind in the city -- left in a body by the road that leads to Keryneia ... But after these creatures had departed, an earthquake occurred in the night; the city subsided; … Continue reading Quakin’, Shakin’ Feathers

The Round Up for March 1st

By S Katherine Clarke with Sarah Ludick Catch up on all of the birb happenings from around the globe in our latest issue of The Round Up.  Katherine and Sarah have collected an incredible range of photos and videos on a range of topics including weather, nectar replacement therapy, and missing Birbs.   Head on … Continue reading The Round Up for March 1st

Remembering Warden & Penne: Never forgotten, forever loved

A year ago a horrific fire took the life of a gentle, beautiful soul.  Alice (a.k.a. Warden) and Penne brought much joy, happiness, silliness, and love to so many humans and parrots from around the world.  This commemoration is in honor of that love, and the friendships borne out of Alice's and Penne's connections with … Continue reading Remembering Warden & Penne: Never forgotten, forever loved

A Fine, Fine Line

By S Katherine Clarke, with Sarah Ludick Our February 15th edition of The Round Up asks if there's a Fine, Fine Line between a budgie’s fascination with mirrors and an African Grey’s plot for #birdworlddominion?  In honor of Valentine’s Day, this issue explores birb self-love — in its hopefully healthy expression. See all the wonderful photos … Continue reading A Fine, Fine Line