BirdsEyeView: For Love of Rambo

As many of you already know, Rambo the free-flighted macaw, of Belgium, was shot down December 29, 2018, by a hunter. Shock and empathy for his owner resounded throughout public media platforms. In messaging, grieving and angry parrot owners expressed their own sense of loss at Rambo's ending and wondered how they could help Rambo's … Continue reading BirdsEyeView: For Love of Rambo


HatchLine: Aviculture Tips from South Florida Pros

Beloved author of Psittaculture, Tony Silva, and long-time AFA leader Buddy Waskey hosted a tour of select South Florida aviaries in the days leading up to the Organization of Professional Aviculturists' (OPA) annual meeting. As Florida has enacted a framework of laws favorable to aviculture, aviaries flourish there. The warm weather, though dryer than the … Continue reading HatchLine: Aviculture Tips from South Florida Pros

HatchLine: Staying Alive! in Kensington Gardens

  Anika Shatara of Facebook (@laala_the_banana (IG)) opens her palm in Kensington Gardens, and the wild green Indian ringnecks descend: they know the palm holds good food, and they are hungry indeed. These flocks of wild green Indian ringneck parakeets (Psittacula krameri) have oft caused visitors to London's public parks wonder and surprise, the birds' … Continue reading HatchLine: Staying Alive! in Kensington Gardens

HatchLine: Little Corella Targeted

Thanks to the City of Playford's council spokespersons for their assistance with this article.] November 5, 2018, the Mount Barker District Council issued a "scaring" notice for Little Corellas, following their April 3, 2018 decision endorsing "selective legal shooting" of flock leaders, or "scout" corellas. The measures seek to discourage flocks, especially the largest flock, from … Continue reading HatchLine: Little Corella Targeted