Psitta-Social, Nov. 24: Kiwis Courageous!

Another great meetup in Auckland this past Saturday, with lorikeets, an Indian ringneck, ecltecus parrots, and Senegal and African Grey parrots!  To learn the details of the next Auckland meet-up, contact Facebook's Clive Willgoss or Ann-Sophie Salomez! These parronts and fids are eager to meet their bird-loving neighbors, and as you can see there's a spacious … Continue reading Psitta-Social, Nov. 24: Kiwis Courageous!

TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

It is November. In this part of the Northern Hemisphere colorful autumn leaves have turned to dry brown crumbles on the ground, and that gray which precedes snow reigns day after day. The Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Grenadans, South Vietnamese and South Koreans all beat us to it, folks! celebrating Thanksgiving in October. Even Liberia celebrated … Continue reading TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

Gen(i)us: Nov 17: Galah Cockatoos

With its bright pink breast against its neat ash-grey body and a light pink crest, the Galah cockatoo (Eolophus rosiecapilla) charms with its pert posture and bobbing crest. Like white cockatoo varieties, galahs raise their crests instantaneously in surprise or fright. Reportedly "less nervous, less excitable, more independent and less affectionate than the white Cockatoos," … Continue reading Gen(i)us: Nov 17: Galah Cockatoos

Psitta-Social: Awesome Auckland Birds give Audience

Oz & NZ Upcoming Bird meet-ups and news Lorikeets, pionus, Indian ringnecks, conures and a Senegal parrot gathered their parronts in Auckland October 27 and demonstrated socialization to their parronts with great style. This coming weekend Bird Socials Australia (@birdsocialozaustralia (IG)) establishes its Sydney presence; Brisbane Bird Social Club (@_bbsc_ (IG)) holds an outdoor meet-up … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Awesome Auckland Birds give Audience

Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!

Our November 17 issue will feature galah cockatoo news, information, and issues! Please share your galah knowledge, love, art, and concerns with us! On Facebook, contact us via our page, at @BirbObserver; on Instagram and Twitter please contact us by tagging or direct message; or email us at We strive to provide you community … Continue reading Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!

Psitta-Social: Melbourne parrots caper and tease

Melbourne birds gathered for their bird social event October 6, 2018. Eclectus parrots, quakers, cockatiels, conures, even ringnecks filled the hall . . . along with their parronts. Whether on heads, shoulders, back or arms, parrots generally circulated with their humans, but there was also free time on perches. Between eating -- and eating -- … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Melbourne parrots caper and tease