Parrot Prayer from Manko (IG)

Thanks to @i_met_manko (IG) for this charming presentation of a much loved poem! Be sure to check out our Horus page for other literary and cultural contributions to Birblove life. (Click on photo to view fully). Horus is an open-submissions page! Please send your art and cultural pieces to!

TheRoundUp, July 15, 2018: Summer Swelter

This month TheRoundUp looks at free flight, indoor and outdoor.¬† Meet a number of people on social media and learn about some of the resources available there. For instance. Straus Mikalsky's experiences with free flight led him to seek professional instruction from Chris Biro (above) at Liberty Wings. As an adult, Straus grew enamored of … Continue reading TheRoundUp, July 15, 2018: Summer Swelter