BirdsEyeView: Hyacinth Macaws: Endangered or Threatened?!

If you would study the law of a country, consider yourself on an ambling tour of that "ship of state," its deck filled with crew hubbub and the creaking of mooring -- a massive, labyrinthine ship, which turns only deadeningly slow in the water. In August, the US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) promulgated a … Continue reading BirdsEyeView: Hyacinth Macaws: Endangered or Threatened?!

Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

By Mark LaBarre Volcano eruptions damage the surrounding environment in many ways. Mount Kilauea's recent activity has placed the endangered Hawaiian hawk, called 'Io, in great jeopardy, yet, like all flighted birds, the 'Io has certain survival advantages over other animals. Volcanologist Mark LaBarre, a native of Hawaii, provides a comprehensive overview of the impact … Continue reading Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

Bird’s Eye View: Climate Change – #UndoYourPart

by Katherine Clarke The last issue of Bird's Eye View illustrated how birds are the "canaries in the coal mine" of climate change.  Here our editor asks us to face the fact that climate change - global warming - is massive and complex.  Cutting edge science is not easy to understand and to tackle global warming … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View: Climate Change – #UndoYourPart