“Though I May Speak”

We hope you have had a restful weekend with your fids! In the coming week, if you desire a spiritual uplift, consider these lyrics by Hal Habson (1972), for the hymn "Though I May Speak."¬† Traditionally sung to the folksy English tune of the love song, "The Water is Wide," the hymn "Though I May … Continue reading “Though I May Speak”

Bird Prayer

Needing some uplift today? This week? Needing to connect with hope and encouragement? Needing a time-out to tend to your cares and concerns? We hope this brief prayer provides you support today. BIrd Prayer God of our beloved feathered friends, Let us join in song with them each day in praise Of high flight, long … Continue reading Bird Prayer

Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal

Faith and religious values inform and motivate hopeful action. Intimidating global issues like deforestation, biodiversity and global warming may find practical solutions in the Ivory Tower, but often it takes faith and religious values to motivate manpower. A Rocha, an international organization of Christian stewardship, responds to the planet's biodiversity crisis with community-based conservation projects. … Continue reading Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal