Bring on Organized IRL Bird Clubs!

Bird's Eye View DownUnder and in the US, Free-Flight clubs and meet-ups, both indoors and outdoors, emerge from social media relationships and from a hunger for tangible fellowship not possible on social media. Let's make sure we're making as much use of existing IRL bird club infrastructure as we can! Did you realize that, in … Continue reading Bring on Organized IRL Bird Clubs!

Introducing No Room at the Inn

Starting with the August 15 issue, we will publish a new regular column on bird rescues and sanctuaries. The new page, No Room at the Inn, will feature an individual bird rescue/sanctuary nonprofit each month. The column will cover a rescue or sanctuary's history, its goals and methods, and whether it provides adoption screening and … Continue reading Introducing No Room at the Inn

Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

By Mark LaBarre Volcano eruptions damage the surrounding environment in many ways. Mount Kilauea's recent activity has placed the endangered Hawaiian hawk, called 'Io, in great jeopardy, yet, like all flighted birds, the 'Io has certain survival advantages over other animals. Volcanologist Mark LaBarre, a native of Hawaii, provides a comprehensive overview of the impact … Continue reading Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal

Faith and religious values inform and motivate hopeful action. Intimidating global issues like deforestation, biodiversity and global warming may find practical solutions in the Ivory Tower, but often it takes faith and religious values to motivate manpower. A Rocha, an international organization of Christian stewardship, responds to the planet's biodiversity crisis with community-based conservation projects. … Continue reading Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal

Decline of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

This year the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 ("MBTA", 16 U.S.C. 703-712) celebrates one century of international coordination on bird conservation with Canada. The MBTA is a US public law implementing a US-UK treaty negotiated by the United Kingdom on behalf of Canada. Later, Mexico, Japan and the Soviet Union (now as its successor … Continue reading Decline of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Birding in Cuba!

By Pat Bartlett. Pat Bartlett is a writer/naturalist who lives in Florida. She has finches on her screened- in back porch that somehow turned into a flight cage. There are ten allegedly squirrel-proof feeders in her front yard that are regular stops for a variety of birds and a large number of very fat squirrels.  … Continue reading Birding in Cuba!

Bird’s Eye View: January 15, 2018

At a time when we invest heavily in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy – and at a time when  species extinction has reached its highest rate in human history – we owe it to ourselves, our children, our common Earth to scrutinize carefully the cost/benefit ratio of offshore oil drilling. Read the … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View: January 15, 2018