Those Awesome Ozzies are at it Again!😉

Adrienne Bennett (FB), that bird-loving, cross-country driving, energetic-amazing organizer behind Instagram's @BirdSocialsOz, will hit the road from Melbourne to Canberra to facilitate another incredible Canberra meet-up December 1! Contact Adrienne via FaceBook, Messenger or Instagram DM for additional details, dust off that travel carrier and get ready to arrive at this Bird Social in style, … Continue reading Those Awesome Ozzies are at it Again!😉

Psitta- Social: Parrot Party with Sydney Style

Last week the parrots of Sydney partied like only Ozzie parrots know how! At the gracious private Rouse Hill residence of Shantel of Facebook Group @Sydney Birdie Meet Ups fame. The fare was oh so fine! The gracious companionability of friends and fids so heartwarming! Fellowship and new friendships uplifted spirits! It was truly, better … Continue reading Psitta- Social: Parrot Party with Sydney Style

TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

It is November. In this part of the Northern Hemisphere colorful autumn leaves have turned to dry brown crumbles on the ground, and that gray which precedes snow reigns day after day. The Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Grenadans, South Vietnamese and South Koreans all beat us to it, folks! celebrating Thanksgiving in October. Even Liberia celebrated … Continue reading TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving