Horus: Charley Lawson: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Photographer Charley Lawson (@Charley_jorja_photography (IG)) seeks out beauty in nature, as remembrance and reminder that life at heart is beautiful. Suffering from PTSD, Charley finds pet photography a source of joy, relaxation, and recovery. We give Charley our condolences on her recent loss of bird companion Boo, her much beloved parrot. And we welcome with … Continue reading Horus: Charley Lawson: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

It is November. In this part of the Northern Hemisphere colorful autumn leaves have turned to dry brown crumbles on the ground, and that gray which precedes snow reigns day after day. The Canadians, Chinese, Germans, Grenadans, South Vietnamese and South Koreans all beat us to it, folks! celebrating Thanksgiving in October. Even Liberia celebrated … Continue reading TheRoundUp: Nov 17: Thanksgiving

Gen(i)us: Nov 17: Galah Cockatoos

With its bright pink breast against its neat ash-grey body and a light pink crest, the Galah cockatoo (Eolophus rosiecapilla) charms with its pert posture and bobbing crest. Like white cockatoo varieties, galahs raise their crests instantaneously in surprise or fright. Reportedly "less nervous, less excitable, more independent and less affectionate than the white Cockatoos," … Continue reading Gen(i)us: Nov 17: Galah Cockatoos

HatchLine: Morbid Galah Mystery in Picturesque Burra

Mornings and evenings wild galah cockatoos congregate on the old brick streets of Sancreed Street in Burra, South Australia, by the old Police Stables and Lockup. But, as reported by ABC News Australia, on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, the urban clearing afforded a different view: lifeless galah bodies littering the ground. Mysteriously dead galah bodies. … Continue reading HatchLine: Morbid Galah Mystery in Picturesque Burra

Horus: Owen Pointon, Austrialian Wildlife Artist

Owen Pointon's art (Owen N Marg (FB)/@owenpointonartist (IG)) showcases Australia's amazing Atherton Tableland, a fertile plateau in Queensland's Great Dividing Range. The Tableland includes rain forest, savannah, and wetlands and so furnishes welcoming habitats to a huge array of species. While this article primarily features his avian pieces, Owen produces an abundance of other wildlife pieces. … Continue reading Horus: Owen Pointon, Austrialian Wildlife Artist

AFA Disaster Assistance in Northern California

Today AFA has announced the availability of temporary avian boarding facilities in Northern California, available as a measure of Disaster Relief, given the raging fires. AFA is also gladly accepting donations. AFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

The Great #Trickortreatteebirb custom tee shirt giveaway! One last day to enter!

One last day to enter our Hallowe'en drawing for a chance to win a custom tee shirt of your birb! Thanks to @Nuglifeofficial (IG), @Cockatielphotoaday (IG), @songbird_mitu (IG), and @babylause (IG) for their great submissions, which we feature here today. [NOTE: Rules have been updated to reflect the unplanned shift to the Facebook page @BirbObserver … Continue reading The Great #Trickortreatteebirb custom tee shirt giveaway! One last day to enter!

Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!

Our November 17 issue will feature galah cockatoo news, information, and issues! Please share your galah knowledge, love, art, and concerns with us! On Facebook, contact us via our page, at @BirbObserver; on Instagram and Twitter please contact us by tagging or direct message; or email us at BirbObserver@gmail.com. We strive to provide you community … Continue reading Nov. 17: Galahs Galore!