Modern Falconry: Cultural Heritage caught in Geopolitics

Falconry, an ancient cultural heritage arising around 2,000 BC in Mongolia or Central Asia, is alive and well in the Mideast. In fact, mid Eastern nations predominate in the United Nations listing of Falconry as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Mid Eastern falconry made BBC news reports today as more evidence from a 2015 terrorist kidnapping incident … Continue reading Modern Falconry: Cultural Heritage caught in Geopolitics

Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

By Mark LaBarre Volcano eruptions damage the surrounding environment in many ways. Mount Kilauea's recent activity has placed the endangered Hawaiian hawk, called 'Io, in great jeopardy, yet, like all flighted birds, the 'Io has certain survival advantages over other animals. Volcanologist Mark LaBarre, a native of Hawaii, provides a comprehensive overview of the impact … Continue reading Hawaii’s ‘Io & Kilauea Volcano’s Eruption

Gen(i)us: First Three Days in the Life of a Pigeon

Thanks to Ayoub Hadidi (FB), administrator of Bird Squad group, for this intimate portrait of the hatching of a pigeon chick and its first three days of development.   The pigeons live just outside Ayoub's house and are comfortable with his handling.  As usual wild pigeons, they fly out and about the town during the … Continue reading Gen(i)us: First Three Days in the Life of a Pigeon

TheRoundUp, July 15, 2018: Summer Swelter

This month TheRoundUp looks at free flight, indoor and outdoor.  Meet a number of people on social media and learn about some of the resources available there. For instance. Straus Mikalsky's experiences with free flight led him to seek professional instruction from Chris Biro (above) at Liberty Wings. As an adult, Straus grew enamored of … Continue reading TheRoundUp, July 15, 2018: Summer Swelter

Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal

Faith and religious values inform and motivate hopeful action. Intimidating global issues like deforestation, biodiversity and global warming may find practical solutions in the Ivory Tower, but often it takes faith and religious values to motivate manpower. A Rocha, an international organization of Christian stewardship, responds to the planet's biodiversity crisis with community-based conservation projects. … Continue reading Stewardship, Birds & Conservation: A Rocha in Cruzinha, Portugal

Note to Readers

Just a short note to let you know that as we continue to switch over to our new website - - we'll be taking a short hiatus from publishing The Round Up. Rest assured that this marquis section of BirbObserver will be back in the coming few weeks! In the meantime we encourage you … Continue reading Note to Readers

The Round Up Archives is Here!

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic response to TheRoundUp - we love hearing and sharing your stories and hope the shared experience helps you along your path of joy and equilibrium in life. We blush to acknowledge that the media-intensity of the page means download times vary and regret any inconvenience. We've archived 2017's TheRoundUp … Continue reading The Round Up Archives is Here!

Bird’s Eye View: Climate Change – #UndoYourPart

by Katherine Clarke The last issue of Bird's Eye View illustrated how birds are the "canaries in the coal mine" of climate change.  Here our editor asks us to face the fact that climate change - global warming - is massive and complex.  Cutting edge science is not easy to understand and to tackle global warming … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View: Climate Change – #UndoYourPart

The Round Up – March 15

Sharingexperience we learn from one another and have some quixotic bird fun with antics like #BirdDominion. From "Spring watch" to a cameos of such birdlovers as Facebook Admin Ayoub Hadidi of  BirdSquad, we present 'bird happenings' Instagram and Facebook and encourage you to explore accounts you may hitherto have missed. Click here to visit the latest … Continue reading The Round Up – March 15

Horus: The Yellowhammer’s Nest

Birds have inspired some of the most moving and insightful art and literature in history.  BirbObserver reprints this thoughtful period poem by Englishman John Clare (1793 – 1864): The Yellowhammer's Nest BY JOHN CLARE Just by the wooden brig a bird flew up, Frit by the cowboy as he scrambled down To reach the misty dewberry—let … Continue reading Horus: The Yellowhammer’s Nest