Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

by Tandi Glaser The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens (“the Zoo”) is in the Hengrabari Reserve forest in Assam's capital, Guwahati. The Zoo’s grounds house rescue and rehabilitation facilities, and the Zoo offers services in nature-tourism. A repository of bio-diversity, the Zoo seeks to become a complete recreational and educational destination in North-east India. … Continue reading Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Keeping our Birbs Safe!

by Tiellover Word went out from a local bird club about a tragic case of dog vs. bird.  A 30 year-old double yellow-headed Amazon had played regularly with the family dog, without incident.  The bird was allowed to roam the floors freely and walked up to the dog's food dish.  The bird, being a bird, … Continue reading Keeping our Birbs Safe!

Birds of Paradise

By Tandi Glaser Moslih Eddin Saadi, famed medieval Persian poet, once said “A traveler without observation is like a bird without wings.” How right Saadi was, as this was exactly how I felt before embarking on a two-week adventure on the island of Mauritius. A passionate bird lover honored with their presence in my life … Continue reading Birds of Paradise

Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary

During the week of August 21, 2017, the birds housed at the Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary near Houston, Texas knew something was going to happen. The barometric pressure was changing as a hurricane named Harvey strengthened and moved toward the Texas Coast. Director Jill Donaho her helper Colin activated a plan to move the … Continue reading Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary