What to do when you can’t take care of your bird

by Mary Caton There are times when a parrot owner realizes that they can no longer take care of a beloved pet.  Before looking for a new home, you need to ask yourself why you want to re-home your bird.  Maybe it's a behavioral issue that you need help with.  As parrots are incredibly intelligent … Continue reading What to do when you can’t take care of your bird

Bourke’s Parrot

by Mariah Hughes The Bourke's Parrot is a nomadic parakeet that thrives across the diverse landscapes of Australia.  These small, diurnal, pink-and-brown birds can be observed in tight-knit flocks anywhere from eucalyptus forests to dry scrubland to harsh cityscapes, but their preferred habitat is arid scrub.  In captivity, Bourke's Parrots are gaining popularity, thanks in … Continue reading Bourke’s Parrot


by Sherri Moorer There’s one thing birds have in common: they’re mischievous!  It seems that something about us brings out the silly side in our parrots.  Such behaviors serve parrots well in the wild where they need a lot of energy and intelligence to seek food sources, create safe homes, and protect their young.  In … Continue reading Mischief

Keeping our Birbs Safe!

by Tiellover Word went out from a local bird club about a tragic case of dog vs. bird.  A 30 year-old double yellow-headed Amazon had played regularly with the family dog, without incident.  The bird was allowed to roam the floors freely and walked up to the dog's food dish.  The bird, being a bird, … Continue reading Keeping our Birbs Safe!

What is Love?

Did you know there are personality tests that match animal traits to human personality?  One test is called the DOPE Bird 4 Personality Types Test.  This test groups people into one of four groups based on their bird “personality.” Doves are peaceful and friendly. Owls are wise and analytical. Peacocks are showy and optimistic. Eagles … Continue reading What is Love?

Teach your bird to Come when Called

by Joanna Berger Training your pets to come when called is extremely important for their safety and provides them with lots of great mental and physical exercise. Training your birds to come when called can be a fun game to play with them.  A key first step is to train your bird to Step-Up AND … Continue reading Teach your bird to Come when Called


My pastor recently told me that losing pets hurts because we project our humanity onto them. I believe this is a tendency we all have, and it’s not just limited to animals.  The scientific community generally frowns on this, and yet it’s a common thing unique to humanity that helps us to connect with the … Continue reading Anthropomorphism

Depression in Companion Birds

by Mariah Hughes Depression is, in the most basic understanding, a psychological condition in which a series of “feel good” hormones fail to do their jobs for any number of reasons. Despite the common perception that depression is a “human illness”, or, moreover, not an illness at all, depression has the ability to affect any … Continue reading Depression in Companion Birds