The Round Up for March 1st

By S Katherine Clarke with Sarah Ludick Catch up on all of the birb happenings from around the globe in our latest issue of The Round Up.  Katherine and Sarah have collected an incredible range of photos and videos on a range of topics including weather, nectar replacement therapy, and missing Birbs.   Head on … Continue reading The Round Up for March 1st

Bourke’s Parrot

by Mariah Hughes The Bourke's Parrot is a nomadic parakeet that thrives across the diverse landscapes of Australia.  These small, diurnal, pink-and-brown birds can be observed in tight-knit flocks anywhere from eucalyptus forests to dry scrubland to harsh cityscapes, but their preferred habitat is arid scrub.  In captivity, Bourke's Parrots are gaining popularity, thanks in … Continue reading Bourke’s Parrot