Vote for the Blue & Gold Macaw!!!!

Friend @_macaws_parrots_ (IG) recently learned her blue and gold macaw Mango had qualified for the FINAL ROUND in that most prestigious of pet photo competitions, Penney's Great Companion calendar competition, 2019.   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading Vote for the Blue & Gold Macaw!!!!


Pigeon Chick Devlopment: Days 8 & 12

Ayoub Hadidi of Facebook and Instagram (@ayoub.hadidi) has shared more of his careful photos and videos showcasing the growth of the chick hatched in a nest outside the house. Below, Ayoub returns the chick to the hen and nest after a photo shoot. While showing no sign of anxiety in the pictures or in Ayoub's … Continue reading Pigeon Chick Devlopment: Days 8 & 12

Bird Prayer

Needing some uplift today? This week? Needing to connect with hope and encouragement? Needing a time-out to tend to your cares and concerns? We hope this brief prayer provides you support today. BIrd Prayer God of our beloved feathered friends, Let us join in song with them each day in praise Of high flight, long … Continue reading Bird Prayer