NoRoomAttheInn: Nov. 17: Wales Parrot Rescue

  Joan Rakrhra, of the Facebook Group Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue, has personality! Who else gets away with telling her husband the four-bedroom house must be sold and the nearby seven-bedroom former B&B purchased so the live-in Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue, the only parrot rescue in Wales, can adequately provide for its parrots?! … Continue reading NoRoomAttheInn: Nov. 17: Wales Parrot Rescue

AFA Disaster Assistance in Northern California

Today AFA has announced the availability of temporary avian boarding facilities in Northern California, available as a measure of Disaster Relief, given the raging fires. AFA is also gladly accepting donations. AFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

Congratulations to our winners!

🔉🔉RESULTS: 🎃THE GREAT🐥 #TRICKORTREATTEEBIRB 🐦 GIVEAWAY Thanks to each participant for joining in the fun!💚 Drumroll-- 🔔The results are in! Our two winners from Instagram are @nuggetthesun and @i_met_manko!!👏👏 🔔Our Facebook winner is Ayoub Hadidi, Admin of the group Bird Squad! 👏👏 🔔Last but not least, our winners in the "Other" category are from Twitter … Continue reading Congratulations to our winners!

Psitta-Social: Awesome Auckland Birds give Audience

Oz & NZ Upcoming Bird meet-ups and news Lorikeets, pionus, Indian ringnecks, conures and a Senegal parrot gathered their parronts in Auckland October 27 and demonstrated socialization to their parronts with great style. This coming weekend Bird Socials Australia (@birdsocialozaustralia (IG)) establishes its Sydney presence; Brisbane Bird Social Club (@_bbsc_ (IG)) holds an outdoor meet-up … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Awesome Auckland Birds give Audience

Psitta-Social: Melbourne parrots caper and tease

Melbourne birds gathered for their bird social event October 6, 2018. Eclectus parrots, quakers, cockatiels, conures, even ringnecks filled the hall . . . along with their parronts. Whether on heads, shoulders, back or arms, parrots generally circulated with their humans, but there was also free time on perches. Between eating -- and eating -- … Continue reading Psitta-Social: Melbourne parrots caper and tease

NoRoomAttheInn: Interview with Phoenix Landing’s Co-Founder Ann Brooks

[For more information on Phoenix Landing, visit their website at You can support Phoenix Landing as your designated charity beneficiary with Subscribe & Save & You are one of the Founders. What moved the founders to join together and establish a rescue/ sanctuary? (When was it established)? Established April 2000.  We started thinking sanctuary … Continue reading NoRoomAttheInn: Interview with Phoenix Landing’s Co-Founder Ann Brooks

Bring on Organized IRL Bird Clubs!

Bird's Eye View DownUnder and in the US, Free-Flight clubs and meet-ups, both indoors and outdoors, emerge from social media relationships and from a hunger for tangible fellowship not possible on social media. Let's make sure we're making as much use of existing IRL bird club infrastructure as we can! Did you realize that, in … Continue reading Bring on Organized IRL Bird Clubs!

Note to Readers

Just a short note to let you know that as we continue to switch over to our new website - - we'll be taking a short hiatus from publishing The Round Up. Rest assured that this marquis section of BirbObserver will be back in the coming few weeks! In the meantime we encourage you … Continue reading Note to Readers

The Round Up for March 1st

Catch up on social and community news on everything from weather, nectar replacement therapy, to missing Birbs; enjoy an imaginative frolic with bird friends and find some new friends by checking out accounts you may have missed earlier.   Head on over to TheRoundUp now to view this edition!

A Fine, Fine Line

By S Katherine Clarke Our February 15th edition of The Round Up asks if there's a Fine, Fine Line between a budgie’s fascination with mirrors and an African Grey’s plot for #birdworlddominion? In honor of Valentine’s Day, this issue explores birb self-love — in its hopefully healthy expression. See all the wonderful photos and pics … Continue reading A Fine, Fine Line