Note to Readers

Just a short note to let you know that as we continue to switch over to our new website - - we'll be taking a short hiatus from publishing The Round Up.  Rest assured that this marquis section of BirbObserver will be back in the coming few weeks! In the meantime we encourage you to … Continue reading Note to Readers

Detective Morty on the Case!

...the next thing I knew I was booted out on my butt. As I hit the grass with a thud, I awoke... What a nightmare! I'll never eat pizza before bedtime again! Was it the pizza or did it actually happen?  Morty has taken it upon himself to get to the bottom of some questionable … Continue reading Detective Morty on the Case!

The Round Up for March 1st

By S Katherine Clarke with Sarah Ludick Catch up on all of the birb happenings from around the globe in our latest issue of The Round Up.  Katherine and Sarah have collected an incredible range of photos and videos on a range of topics including weather, nectar replacement therapy, and missing Birbs.   Head on … Continue reading The Round Up for March 1st

The Hot Pink Diaper…

  Morty has a delicate issue on his talons this edition. He receives a letter from Pepe, an African Grey whose mom INSISTS he wear diaper - a HOT PINK diaper at that, to a bird club get together.  OH THE HORROR.  Originally looking forward to possibly meeting some Grey ladies, poor Pepe was instead … Continue reading The Hot Pink Diaper…