Quakin’, Shakin’ Feathers

By Mark LaBarre For five days before Helike disappeared, all the mice, martens, snakes, centipedes, beetles -- and every other creature of that kind in the city -- left in a body by the road that leads to Keryneia ... But after these creatures had departed, an earthquake occurred in the night; the city subsided; … Continue reading Quakin’, Shakin’ Feathers

Bird’s Eye View: Heat Flight

by Kat Clarke Climate change is radically reshuffling Britain’s birds, with some species disappearing while new migrants are settling.  TheGuardian.com, December 2017 Modern climate change projections for bird habitats first appeared in the U.S. in 2014 and each year gain sophistication and accuracy.  Both Canada and the UK applied  improved technology and data sets in their reports … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View: Heat Flight