February 9, the Melbourne parronts and fids held their greatest gathering yet! As the photos and videos show, parrot-lovers of all ages, and feathered friends of many species gathered in a cool great room on a hot summer’s day, and reveled in one another’s unique, treasured presence.

Hop with excitement, oh, ye feathered friends! (Courtesy of BirdSocialsAustralia)

Participating birds must prior to such meetups provide satisfactory documentation of appropriate vetting for clearance. For more information contact FaceBook’s Adrienne Bennett or Instagram’s @Birdsocialsoz. Join in the fun — it’s a great way to combine birdlove with civic engagement!

How many of the Melbourne folk do you know? How many of these bird species can you name? How would your fid like some social enrichment like this?

Only a good video panning the center can capture the excitement and joy which enlivened the meet-up. “Be there or be square!”

Melbourne Meet up makes these participants’ day! (Courtesy of BirdSocialsAustralia)

Adrienne Bennett will also conduct a DIY Toy/Enrichment workshop in a few weeks. Contact Adrienne or follow Instagram’s @birdsocialsoz for more details.

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