One can hardly keep pace with the Sydney Birdie Meet Ups group. After only two Play Dates, the group already numbers 152 (parront) members! Most recently, Sunday, January 20th, the group held their Second Play Date at the gracious home of Shantel Telly Byrd. Owner of Yoshi’s Feathered Retreat and zoology student, Shantel excels at birdie enrichment interior design; her home provides a much-appreciated venue for meet-ups. Share in the fun vicariously through the below pictures!

Whether caique, eclectus, macaw, or cockatiel, from the socialization, enrichment and — oh, yes! — fine fare, fids and parronts alike rejoice in the time they have together at these meet-ups.

If you are on Facebook and are in the Sydney area, do join this Facebook group! If you are on Instagram, follow @birdsocialsoz for updates. Next Play Date happens Saturday March 30. Proof of recent vetting required for attendance.

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