A big thank you to Instagram’s @pablos_birdtoys, who provided this magnificent home and back garden — covered in permanent netting! — as the Place-for-Party-Parrots in Melbourne New Year’s Day.

Room to flap those wings or locomote bipedally abounded —

Of course, all birds present had recently been vetted — a requirement for bird socializing on this grand scale.

Enrichment of course abounded on the home premises of a birdtoy store owner:

Plenty of whoosh to wet the whistle and plenty of veggies to go around; yep, Adrienne Bennett of Bird Socials Australia (@birdsocialsoz) and Krisztina of Instagram’s Krisztina and Flock (@krisztinas.flock) were there!–

Yes, O Canada and northern US of A, these Downunder birds had nary a care of cold New Years Day! Rather they rung it in as well it should be in good cheer and joy and fancy-free!

For those of you in the Sydney area, hike on over to Facebook’s Second Sydney Play Date for details of another great gathering at Shantel Birdie’s January 20, 2019. Be sure to email vet reports to sydneybirdmeetup@gmail.com! This last step is mandatory.

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