Led by Instagram’s @I_met_manko and @haus_of_mango, Brisbane Bird Social Club (FB) (@_@bbsc_ (IG)) hosted a Redville park event Sunday, November 25, 2018. Eight social parrots and chickens graced the park: Manko (macaw), Mango (conure), Bella and Silky (chickens),  BB the Alexandrine, Nancy the Loveliest (lorikeet), and Snowflake (quail).

Peruse below; this park adventure is only one of many varied settings this group arranges for bird meet-ups.  If you’re in the Brisbane area and on Facebook, ask to join the  BBSC Brisbane Bird Social Club group; if you’re on Instagram, follow @_bbsc_  to stay informed about upcoming events.

A picnic table spread with food at once appropriate, stylish and edible complemented the lattice-work protected patio.

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But, most of all, Manko in his modest graciousness was struck dumb by the utmost glamour of Bella and Silky’s total fluff! Did the gals talk their parronts into a walk to escape eager male eyes?

The birds, generally in harness, flaunted their stuff, thrilled to be outdoors and in a non-threatening but stimulating new environment.

Fellowship abounded among fids and parronts as well.

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