Photographer Charley Lawson (@Charley_jorja_photography (IG)) seeks out beauty in nature, as remembrance and reminder that life at heart is beautiful. Suffering from PTSD, Charley finds pet photography a source of joy, relaxation, and recovery.

We give Charley our condolences on her recent loss of bird companion Boo, her much beloved parrot. And we welcome with open arms her adopted galah, Tilly Maureen. We hope alongside Charley that someday Britain will recognize parrots as animal therapy agents. Tilly Maureen, at any rate, already is proving herself as a worthy companion.

Photography is but one lens for Charley: while it teaches her to be more observant, she also uses that enhanced skill in recovery, actively seeking moments to enjoy beauty in the natural things around her in the out of doors. She may then use the image to evoke more in-depth writing, a tool in the journey within of recovery.

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