Oz & NZ Upcoming Bird meet-ups and news

Lorikeets, pionus, Indian ringnecks, conures and a Senegal parrot gathered their parronts in Auckland October 27 and demonstrated socialization to their parronts with great style.

This coming weekend Bird Socials Australia (@birdsocialozaustralia (IG)) establishes its Sydney presence; Brisbane Bird Social Club (@_bbsc_ (IG)) holds an outdoor meet-up under a tent of netting (see announcement below), and the Melbourne group hosts its final event for the year! Adrienne Bennett for Melbourne and Sydney details; contact Katheryn Tayleh (@i_met_manko (IG)) for further info about Melbourne’s event

Canberra on December 1 holds a meet-up hosted by Melissa Holz, and the Newcastle/Hunter groups are holding a December 15 meetup in Aberdare, NSW. Contact Laura Bertholli for the Aberdare event.

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