Melbourne birds gathered for their bird social event October 6, 2018. Eclectus parrots, quakers, cockatiels, conures, even ringnecks filled the hall . . . along with their parronts.

Whether on heads, shoulders, back or arms, parrots generally circulated with their humans, but there was also free time on perches.

Between eating — and eating — and socializing, the fids and parronts relaxed in the safe environment.

Parrots, of course, triumphed at keeping the center of attention, of course, on themselves.

All in all a good time was had by all.

Adrienne Bennett (FB) organized the event and is the go-to contact for future events in the Melbourne area. She is also a contact person for start-up groups in other locations.  Note that all birds attending must meet certain health requirements. Please contact Adrienne for further information. Photos above are courtesy of Krisztina (@krisztinas.flock (IG)).

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