Bird Prayer

Needing some uplift today? This week?

Needing to connect with hope and encouragement?

Needing a time-out to tend to your cares and concerns? We hope this brief prayer provides you support today.

BIrd Prayer

God of our beloved feathered friends,

Let us join in song with them each day in praise

Of high flight, long vision, and abundant planet.

Parrots preening, robins bobbing, peacocks presenting—

Gather us all under your wings each night.

God of sparrows, seagulls and swalliows,

Strengthen our spirit wings for life’s great

migratory flight!
Troubles and tears, cramped cages of fear–
Free us with hope, eagle vision, and swans’ grace.
Protect us as we flutter yet fall from the nest.

Read the full prayer on our Updraft Inspired page here.

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