Thank you to Instagram’s @fluffy.bird for this great scritches photo! Share your own favorite bird scritches photos with us and spread the word about this #scritchesgiveaway custom tee shirt promo drawing! Drawing winners receive a custom tee shirt featuring their winning bird photo!

Three Instagram winners, two FaceBook winners and one WordPress/email follower winner!

Separate contests for each social media platform, with separate rules and winners in each forum: FaceBook, Instagram and WordPress/email followers.

FaceBook Contest: As many as 5 possible entries per FaceBook account:

1. Follow our page and join BirbObserver: TheRoundUp group.

2. Tag three other FaceBook bird owner accounts in the comments under this post on the @Phenixrisingiii FaceBook page (1 possible entry);

3. Share this announcement (2nd possible entry);

4. Using hashtag #scritchesgiveaway and, either tagging @phenixrisingiii or posting in BirbObserver: TheRoundUp, submit up to three photos or videos of your bird getting scritches (total possible 5 entries).

Instagram Contest, please see announcement at our @phenixrisingiii Instagram account.

WordPress Contest: 1. Follow

2. Reblog this announcement (1 possible entry)

3. Submit photos or videos for entry by email to

All Contests: Entries close July 2, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (NY). Winners announced July 4!

We so look forward to enjoying and sharing your entries!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

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