Who utters the first word when you return home from a long day’s work? Do you get a word in edgewise, or do the fids beat you to it?

Do your fids sweet talk you? Do they sing to you? Do you know how to address them in birbspeak? It might after all, be civil to learn the language if you haven’t yet, lol.

Syndey, below, a blind cockatiel from The Parrot Club of Lebanon (Chadikachi (IG) adopted and rehomed with bonded mate Valentino to student Rebecca Khoury ((FB)/@RebeccaKouryOfficial (IG)), responds excitedly to Rebecca’s birdlike tones.

Rebecca’s grandfather first inspired her to sing like a bird; upon adopting her own budgies and then cockatiels, Rebecca quickly made bird welfare and advocacy a priority. A coloratura soprano and musicologist soon to graduate from Antonine University Hadat/Baabda, Rebecca adopted both Sydney and sighted, bonded mate Valentino from The Parrot Club and encouraged me to meet the owner, Chadi Kachi, who also runs the Panda Bird shop to support the sanctuary. We encourage you to spread the word of the Parrot Society’s first Open House, June 24, after Ramadan, in Beirut.

Too much time has passed since our last publication! Summers rays already bathe the Northern Hemisphere; meanwhile, Muslim friends observe their Ramadan fast. We encourage and honor them in their observances.

May passed graciously — from Mother’s Day, through Cockatiel Day (@Fuku_okame (Tw)/Bluewings Cafe (IG))and the Royal Wedding! From Easter on, parronts undertook touching rescues — no surprise when Kiki and Yaro (fluffy.bird (IG)) so light up a Mother’s Day post, or Koko (@Koko_in_London (IG)/(FB)) charms strangers throughout the boroughs of London. The anniversaries and birthdays we celebrated in May are too numerous to record: they all, however, began with L’amour – like Twister’s courting of Maggie (@cocothecanary (Tw)) and Lori’s irresistible chickdom (@RealityBirbs (Tw/IG)):

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Amazingly, last April Facebook’s Dave Bee found a nest in his New York garage. Not wanting to disturb the nest, Dave didn’t reenter the garage for another four days. But when he did reenter, the nest lay abandoned, knocked to the ground, with but one weak living chick, a hatchling European starling.

In the US starlings are not protected so Dave was neither obligated to — nor did he have the option to – hand the chick ovto a wildlife hospital. Neither a pet nor bird “guy,” Dave nevertheless urgently researched the feeding and care of starlings, hoping to release the chick back into the wild ASAP.

While feeding on canned dog food, Hercules, as the bird was later known, developed other ideas! Dave could see Hercules was too dependent so Hercules stayed. Styling it with his own TV, radio, two fountains and freestanding garden birdbath, Hercules provides Dave with chatty, articulate companionship and no end of surprises. After having his world turned upside-down raising a wild starling, Dave gifted Hercules a new bedroom for his first birthday. For videos of Hercules, see his YouTube channel @David Brent.

The prospect of losing a flighted bird out a carelessly opened door — out into weather in which a bird can’t long survive — imposes anticipatory grief and guilt; yet birbs are born for flight, and parronts rack conscience compromising between allowing freedom and ensuring safety.

In Delhi, India, at least, the weather more favors survival. May 21, 2015, a fluffy, long-tailed green Indian ringneck sat perched on a terrace balcony, his future parront, a student (@Mithoo_Indianringneck (IG)) viewed him with fright, fearing the bird would bite. The Parrot did not depart when the mother watered three nearby plants. In fact, the following day he landed on a seated neighbor’s lap. When a neighbor softly called to the bird, “mithoo, mithoo” (sweet talker, a typical Indian bird nickname), the bird answered, “mithoo.” All at once realized the bird was tame and trained. Mithoo became his name, he came into the house at the mother’s beckoning and soon befriended the student, who thought Mithoo’s voice the sweetest sound in the world.

Yes, rescues abounded in a hopeful spring: @elvisbird_dean (Tw) saved unhappy, disabled Scootaloo in Texas; across the Atlantic, Stanley Bad Budgie’s mum (@mumofbadbudgie (Tw)) made a spontaneous 100-mile road trip to save Ryan the Budgie, whom early on Stanley characterized as “weird,” and accused of “warping” Stanley’s mind with devious ploys. Ryan has since been dubbed “The Yellow Pr***”. (Hmmm, we cannot publish that here, consult Twitter users for interpretation.)

In truth, Ryan flew like a bat out of h*ll his first week released from the cage. Stanley is transfixed, on the one hand, by Ryan’s bottomless pit gullet, and on the other, by his truly deplorable choice in food. Ambivalent whether to accept (and radically retrain) Ryan, Stanley struggles with maturing birb identity. Rumours abound that Ryan follows Stanley as a novitiate in #BirdDominion.

Basil and Sage’s parront took them to the pet shop for pedicures; mum couldn’t resist vulnerable, sweet baby sun conure Thyme and brought him home, much to Basil and Sage’s dismay– which is not to say that Thyme is without social charm.(@Basil_Sage_and_Thyme (IG)

Four years ago Lebanese musicology and voice student Rebecca Khoury (FB) adopted the unwanted budgie of a family friend, and her life changed! Now in her final year of study, Rebecca has a bonded pair of budgies and a bonded pair of cockatiels. An equestrienne as well, Rebecca has that irresistible style of a “strong woman because I was born to a tribe of strong women.” We wish Rebecca well in her upcoming doctoral examinations and look forward to her leadership in birds in Lebanon.

Sydney and Valentino, the tiels, were both adopted from The Parrot Club of Lebanon. Originally sighted, Sydney went completely blind sometime before arriving at The Parrot Club. Climbing comfortably on his own from a lowered perch, Sydney manages well for himself most times, but when he does need help, his buddy Valentino squawks to catch Rebecca’s attention.

Yes, Rebecca absolutely serenades her birds! And “they like mostly the high notes because they think I’m like them or belong to the flock.”

New accounts abound! Oana (@oana_dobritescu (Tw)/(IG)) lives in Bucharest with two tiels and a rescued budgie–Rubliov, or Miçul Prinț (Little Prince), whom she she’s had for seven years, his mate five-year-old Kira, and Stârleâza (Spinning Top), so named for his incessant activity. Of Bucharest Oana states, “It is busy and loud but also has hidden, quiet places; people complain, but like me, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.” As a matter of family and patriotic pride, notwithstanding the Soviet pressure to eliminate the Romanian language, a Romance language descended from Latin, Oana’s family never used Russian.

Friend Fuku (@fuku_okame (Tw)/@bluewings_cafe (IG)) in Japan has quickly become a connoisseur of beautiful birds. Over seven years, she has acquired eleven stunning birds including barred parakeets, Bourke’s parrots, cockatiels and even a lively little zebra finch named Kinako. Fuku hopes sometime to have a café.

Reality Birbs (@RealityBirbs (Tw/IG)), in Brazil, inherited her grandfather’s bird gene. Beginning with Nikki and Luna, cockatiels, she soon had eggs. Lovingly nurturing the hatchlings, she soon had quite the flock, free-flighted; the birds, with the exception of Mama’s boy Charlotte, prefer to spend most of their time in the outdoor aviary, which is problematic on hotter summer days, but in Brazil is a year-round option. Living flighted and in family flock, these are happy birds with strong personalities.

Tweety (@Tweety_the_tiel (IG)) is a rare seventeen year old pastel-faced cockatiel; his younger sun conure brother Mango is seven. A congenial pair that enjoy flight time together in harnesses and singing to family and neighbors, Tweety and Mango spend quality time with their parront, a Delaware high-school student, in morning and evening training, learning new tricks. Birds and parronts await the imminent addition of additional bonded pair of Amazons.

@Blu_Boy_78 (IG) has our vote for birb athlete of the year, a regular Muhamed Ali wrapped into a Pele turned inside out into a Michael Jordan. We’ve got more of his videos in the Media Gallery below.

Lemon (@Lemontheparakeet (IG)) at eleven months already has the best Insta caption writer active on his account! While Lemon says his name, “peekaboo,” and “I love you,” this “Comedian” and “handsome beast” doesn’t want for vanity. Mischievous, quixotic and verbally agile, Lemon’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

Equally engaging, Loki (@Loki_the_Great0 (Tw)) settles into his new home and Twitter account since his first parront went away to college.

Burnaby (@Burnabybird (IG)) came from a breeder listing on Kijiji, the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist. Burnaby’s parront intended to get a hand-raised bird, but the Kijiji lister lacked space for his baby birds, and, though Burnaby wasn’t hand-raised, he “was the one” on first sight. One year today, Burnaby is playing now with toys, fruit and vegetables, and stepping up onto his parront’s finger.

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Last but not least, new additions to the mysterious #BirdDominion movement, Max and his side-kicks African Grey Tycho and Amazon Tikal (@MaxTheMoluccan (Tw/FB/YouTube)/@Max_the_Moluccan (IG)) regularly challenge the status quo of Birb-parront balance. Max’s Twitter and Instagram posts provoke smiles, chuckles and online interaction. More importantly, on YouTube, empathically intoned by their wise parront, this Birb trio embodies comedy playwright Moliėre’s adage, “Il faut faire rire pour instruire” (“One must make laugh to teach.”) Certain to establish a legacy as the @AlexTheHonk of cockatoos, Max bounces exuberantly through life. Enjoy the YouTube excerpt below, where Max and Tycho propose a solution to the problem of their parront’s long work hours.

The update you have all been waiting for– #BirdDominion! Our latest intelligence reports indicate that leader Otto (@Keelingrob(Tw)), preoccupied with his male parront’s lack of plumage, not only taunts him as “Baldy” but actively seeks out that venerable pate for target practice.

Meanwhile, Jules, now largely recovered from the two awful bouts of a mystery virus, as head of #BirdDominion’s Security apparatus, has established a clandestine intelligence branch on Instagram (@Bronson006 (Tw/IG)) and now commands a fleet of birb-droid, flighted (!) video cam surveillance devices! Doubtless, the plan is to intercept and reroute Amazon Drone millet deliveries to #BirdDominion HQ. Levi and Teal as always give faithful lookout and guidance (@FlockIsFamily (Tw)). The underground movement’s ranks swell with the addition of new members @TupeckRappingParrot (Tw)/(FB) and the household of Master of Screm (@RomeoTheMac1 (Tw))

Jules’ older brother Quaker Louie, head of Construction Ops, ranks as a hitherto unacknowledged prize asset: reputed birb genius, Louie allegedly already effectively exercises #birddominion in the home. Not only does he hold sway over the parronts, the three household cats daily render obeisance to Louie, settling down each night protectively around his cage.

In parting until next time, we do note strange happenings amongst the greys (@MakenaNut (Tw), @LauraAllen55 (Tw), @SidTHEParrot (Tw)) sometime after Makena’s eleventh hatch day. It appears another mystery viral infection which elicits bat-like behavior has overwhelmed this otherwise coolly calculating coterie of top bird intellect.


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