Petition Demanding Instagram Improve Its Rules Against Animal Cruelty

by Ashley Tangkilissan

I am Ashley Tangkilissan and the operator of Instagram account @HaruYukiBun. I am a proud bunny mom of two males, named Haru and Yuki. I am married to the love of my life for 6 years and we have been together for twice that. I met my husband when I was 12 years old online at I am pieces who is 25 years old and will hopefully next year go to fashion school here where I have moved to in the Netherlands from Vermont, USA. I am writing this letting to the editor as a concerned bunny mom. Here is why….

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday morning many Instagram animal lovers were in a state of despair when we uncovered an individual posting photos and videos of himself torturing and murdering bunnies on Instagram. We as an Instagram animal loving community, stood together to create awareness on behalf of all abused animals alike.

These videos to this day still give me on and off again nightmares. I personally can not stop seeing this one bunny in the video that this individual has posted, screaming and looking directly into the camera. The photos were just as graphic, worse than something from a horror movie. Wish I hope no one has to see again.

We had to do something so, we created two petitions. One to create awareness and to inform everyone that animal abuse is real and needs to be stop. We also created this petition to hopefully have authorities or some animal rights groups take control of the situation and to save any animals in this individual’s custody.

Another of these petitions is to have Instagram update their guidelines and terms on the matter. As many of us who reported the account received automated messages from Instagram saying there was nothing wrong with the account/multimedia posted and it was not against their guidelines. Since we started this, we have noticed other accounts coming out of the woodwork and posting animal abuse videos and images. This cannot and should not for the sake of all viewers young and old as well as all the animals in these videos, be okay.

We feel by creating these petitions Instagram can inform the authorities If someone does in fact post an image of an animal being abused. Instagram has placed a similar rule for exotic animals. Instagram does not allow photos of poaching or even taking a selfie with an exotic animal as it has led to animals being captured for the tourist attraction. Why is this not okay but abusing an innocent bunny is and spreading the horrid videos online is for Instagram members as young as 10 years old to see?

We are in need of someone, somewhere to share this information you have learned. Share and spread our petitions to prevent such cruel actions and further abuse. We really need the help of the bird loving community as well as all animal lovers! One person makes a great difference.

On behalf of @Agnestan701 (Anne Yan) and myself @HaruYukiBUn (Ashley Tangkilissan) we want to thank everyone who got involved on our mission to spread awareness of this tragic event. Special thanks to groups like PETA for listening to our constant emails and messages. We need as many groups possible and your help to keep these accounts off Instagram for younger viewers and anyone who is affected by the crude imagery.  Sign our petition today!

Go here to sign the petition.

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