by Katherine Clarke

The last issue of Bird’s Eye View illustrated how birds are the “canaries in the coal mine” of climate change.  Here our editor asks us to face the fact that climate change – global warming – is massive and complex.  Cutting edge science is not easy to understand and to tackle global warming is to admit complicity, even hypocrisy.  Current civilization runs on fossil fuels, and together with agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases, our contemporary lifestyle as currently configured does not appear sustainable.  How do we overcome the apathy that this seemingly insoluble issue paralyzes us with and find the courage for constructive change?

CCO Creative Commons

More than ever, individuals — with their ingenuity and unique talents — make a difference!  Read the full editorial here and consider how you can reduce your carbon footprint and engage the political process at the appropriate and suitable level for you, whether by participation in grassroots demonstrations or engaging in advocacy!

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