Thanks to everyone who entered BirbObserver’s ‘Birbloveis’ Valentine’s Day Contest, we were deluged with over 50 entries from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!  Each entry was so creative and thoughtful, congratulations to everyone for your submissions – all entries were wonderful!

It was difficult selecting the final 3 winners, but after much deliberation, the following entries were chosen!

Congratulations to…

Winning Twitter Entry – @Bluejaylover49

#Birbloveis Happiness (Twitter Winner– @Bluejaylover49)

Winning Facebook Entry – Suzy Lupton

#Birbloveis Knowing Your Best Friend Will Love You No Matter What You Do (Facebook Winner– Suzy Lupton (Rocky Tiel))

Winning Instagram Entry –  @Skyelark_the_parakeet

#Birbloveis Curiosity (Instagram Winner– @Skyelark_the_parakeet)

Honorable Mention: Bird watching entry 

A shout out to @BirdlyThoughts for their bird watching entry.

Valentine's Day Contest - Birdy Throughts

@BirbObserver Supporter Winner

Congratulations to @sidTHEparrot for winning the @BirbObserver Supporter toy prize!!!!!

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