by Mariah Hughes

The Bourke’s Parrot is a nomadic parakeet that thrives across the diverse landscapes of Australia.  These small, diurnal, pink-and-brown birds can be observed in tight-knit flocks anywhere from eucalyptus forests to dry scrubland to harsh cityscapes, but their preferred habitat is arid scrub.  In captivity, Bourke’s Parrots are gaining popularity, thanks in large part to the stunning, bubblegum-pink color of the opaline (or “rosy”) mutation and others like it.

Mariah 1
Rosy Bourke, “Gaston”, owned by Bob Fleshman

Read Mariah’s article on the Gen(i)us page to learn why Aviculturists who have brought pink beauties into their home remain so captivated by them.

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