Valentine’s Day is a mere 2 days away – have you submitted your #birbloveis photo yet?  Don’t miss your chance to win an awesome prize by showing the world your birb love!  Enter our Valentine’s Day ‘Love Is…” Contest to win a prize for your birb photo creativity!


Valentines 3

Follow @BirbObserver on Twitter or BirbObserver on Instagram or Facebook, post your bird-related photo with a caption that begins with “Love is…”, and tag your photo with #birbloveis to enter to win a customized T-shirt featuring your photo and caption!

Take as many photos as you like: each “love is…” photo counts as one entry. AND, if you repost this announcement and tag three friends, you will be entered to win a love-themed bird toy!

Photos, artwork, etc., welcome!! If possible, submit your entry(s) in high resolution .jpeg or .png format – the better the quality of your picture, the better the print on a t-shirt will come out! Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Valentine’s Day. The winning photos and captions will be featured in our February 15th issue of BirbObserver!


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