Valentines 2

To celebrate Valentine’s day and you, our fans, we are holding our ‘Love is…’ contest!

Follow @BirbObserver on Twitter and BirbObserver on Instagram and Facebook, post your bird-related photo with a caption that begins with “Love is…”, and tag your photo with #birbloveis to enter to win a customized T-shirt featuring your photo and caption!

Take as many photos as you like: each “love is…” photo counts as one entry. AND, if you repost this announcement and tag three friends, you will be entered to win a love-themed bird toy!

Photos, artwork, etc., welcome!!  If possible, submit your entry(s) in high resolution .jpeg or .png format – the better the quality of your picture, the better the print on a t-shirt will come out! Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Valentine’s Day.  The winning photos and captions will be featured in our February 15th issue of BirbObserver!

Good luck!

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