by Mariah Hughes

Flapjack, my four month old budgie, was unusually mellow for a parent-raised bird from day one. After years of breeding budgies and rehabbing both wild birds and domestic parrots, Flapjack was the most trusting parent-raised bird I’ve had the privilege of owning. When I reached in to his cage to give him a spray of millet just hours after bringing him home, he hopped on to my hand and happily snacked away.


Within two days, he was stepping up when asked and approaching me of his own volition. Naturally, I soon found myself browsing through listings on Amazon in search of a budgie-sized skateboard, eager to test Flapjack’s trainability and my ability to train him.

Read more about Flapjack’s incredible skateboarding skills on our Gen(i)us page.

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