Depression in Companion Birds

by Mariah Hughes

Depression is, in the most basic understanding, a psychological condition in which a series of “feel good” hormones fail to do their jobs for any number of reasons. Despite the common perception that depression is a “human illness”, or, moreover, not an illness at all, depression has the ability to affect any sentient being. In birds, many common and often chronic conditions – over grooming, anorexia, shrieking, aggression, and more – are often (if not usually) a symptom of an underlying issue that has caused psychological stress and, ultimately, depression. Birds are especially susceptible to the effects of depression, as they are highly intelligent and require a great deal of mental stimulation to thrive in the unnatural setting that is a human home.

Read Mariah’s full article to learn key ways to ensure you’re providing everything your birb needs to be happy, healthy and playful!

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