Thanks again to everybirdie who entered the BirbObserver Halloween Costume Contest!! All entries were excellent!  Our Winners were: #1) Frankie (franksandbeans.macaws – IG),  #2 Bob (@bob OWA – TW), and #3, Lucky (@LuckytheTalking Bird – TW).

We wanted to get to know a little more about all our winners and share with our readers, beginning with our Grand Prize Winner, Frankie (Frankie And Bean The Macaws (Instagram).  We conducted a short interview via Instagram DM with Frankie, here’s what we learned:

  1. Where do you live?  Tampa, Florida
  2. How old are you?  Frankie is 8 months old
  3. What is your most favourite food?  Papaya
  4. Is there a food you love to play with?  Pecans
  5. What types of toys do you have in your house/cage?  I like hard plastic toys from the dollar store
  6. Are you a whistler, a talker or are you the observant, silent type?  I’m a talker.  I’m just learning to say ‘Hello’.
  7. Do you have a favourite toy?  My Elmo toy
  8. Tell us something silly about yourself (i.e., is there something that you do that makes your mom laugh and call you silly?)  I am very pigeon-toed which makes my mom laugh when I walk
  9. Do you have other flock members? If so, tell us a bit about them.  Yes, my macaw brother named Bean
  10. What is the naughtiest birdie thing you’ve ever done?  I climbed my mom’s fake tree and pulled the leaves out of it
  11. Does your mom/dad do something that makes you want to fly away or attack (like a new hat, wet hair, etc.)?  I hate hats!
  12. What other critters (dogs, cats) do you live with?  Just Bean the macaw
  13. Do you have other social media accounts that you’d like other birdies and their humans to follow?  @quarkybirdy

Here’s our very handsome Grand Prize Winner Frankie in his Halloween best!

Halloween 8
(Phtoo by @franksandbeans. Macaws (IG).

And here’s Frankie (and Bean) out of costume!

Congratulations again Frankie!

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