Bob and Lucky received many votes in the hours before the BirbObserver Halloween Costume Contest concluded, so many so that those tallying the votes thought there may be a tie!  Because their costumes were just so darn cute (as demonstrated by all those votes!), BirbObserver editors reached out to Bob and Lucky and asked them to share a little bit about themselves.  First, here they are again in their winning Halloween costumes.

Here’s what their human companions to us about Bob and Lucky:

Bob (@owa_bob)


Thank you to everyone who voted for me!  This was my first competition, so a big thank you to @BirbObserver for organising their inaugural Birb Halloween Costume Contest.  Special thanks to my mom for painting my picture, to @brian_blackcat who is hiding in the pumpkin next to me – thanks pal, and special thanks to @Elako123, @ladylovebirdvlf and @sarahludick64 who have been with me from the start, thank you for your continued support!

It makes mom and me so sad to say that we recently lost my sweet girlfriend Molly – @molly_fluffybun  I dedicate this in Molly’s memory.  We miss you so much.

Love to all my fellow birds,

LuckytheTalkingBird (@LuckyBirdBooks)

Lucky is a red-crowned Amazon parrot, which is currently an endangered species. His human, Terry Wilson, found him when he was just a baby that had had fallen out of a tree. Since his parents were nowhere to be found, Terry adopted him, and they’re still together 11 years later. Lucky grew up to be a talented bird that talks, sings, whistles, does animal imitations and loves to speak on the phone. He also writes the Lucky the Talking Bird series of children’s Kindle books with his two human writing partners.

Here’s his website with more info if you need it:

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