Tale of Two Amazons: Bill and Ted’s (not so) Excellent Adventure

Once upon a time there were two amazon parrots who were bought by a human family. The family loved the bright colors, the excited dancing until one of them acted on a buried memory. One day, without warning, he began to squawk. His people tried to discuss this behavior with him. No luck – he was a squawker. (And a bad influence!) Together they squawked. Their humans tried to explain that this wasn’t acceptable behavior. They squawked. You see, they didn’t speak English. They heard the humans make noise when they made noise.

“Yay! Communication!” So they squawked louder The humans shook their cage to startle them, but human gestures were lost on them. They tried to continue the communication with body language. Pinning eyes, flapping wings, beaking (biting to us) were the last straw. The humans had had it. Bill and Ted were no longer welcome family members.

Enter PARROT RESCUE! Bill and Ted were “donated” to a parrot welfare group to find a new home, but ALAS… Bill and Ted were set in their ways. Fully convinced that they were happily communicating they continued to squawk FULL VOICE! A decision was made. Bill and Ted needed a special home, a forever home where they could squawk and strut and beak to their hearts content. Finally, hundreds of miles away a sanctuary for Bill and Ted was located. And they all lived happily ever after!

LESSON: This tale is very common. The circumstances are a little different with each
situation but the outcome is the same. The exotic birds needing homes in Texas is growing. Sanctuaries are filling fast! What happens to the overflow?

Nell McCollough Knapp, Guest columnist
President and Co Founder Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education
Married to Larry O. Knapp, SFC(R)
BS English Education/ Journalism

Licensed teacher in English, Journalism, American History and computer science
Member: National Disaster Animal Rescue Team , Louisiana State Animal Rescue Team, ASPCA, FEMA and HSUS volunteer, FEMA certified first responder.
Involved in parrot rescue since 1998
20+ Years rescue experience

Rescue efforts include: hoarder rescues, law enforcement seizures, burned out pet store, rescue of smuggled parrots via US Fish and Wildlife, disaster relief for hurricanes, tornadoes and fires. Maintained animal food pantry, work study program for local high schools, and community resource for learning and emergency relief.

Licensed educator, certified FEMA ICS disaster relief, NDART team member, HSUS; LSART
During Hurricane Katrina I spent 11 weeks working to find and rescue animals stranded or hurt by the waters. That experience left an indelible mark on me.


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