I’m Lavender, and I’m the creator of It’s A Birb Thing!

I’m nineteen, a freshman college student studying marketing, and a long-time lover of birds!

I remember my very first favorite animal that I saw as a child…Seagulls! I still have a love for them and sneak food when nobody is around to yell at me when I visit a beach!

Ever since childhood, I’ve had some form of love for birds (and all animals)! While I don’t have any birds (yet), I’m slowly starting the process to adopt cockatiels from my local sanctuary.

My comic is based off the experiences I’ve had with the cockatiels (and other birds) both at my local bird rescue and with other encounters of the birb kind!

Some of my favorite bird personalities include cockatoos! I think they have the silliest personalities and can be some of the friendliest birds! If I had the skills, I’d love to adopt one named Scooby from my local sanctuary. He’s the sweetest bird with the strongest claws I’ve ever seen!

When I have free time, I work on my redbubble (which is full of bird art) and run an Etsy shop that sells jewelry! I’m also hoping to open another online shop soon featuring items related to my comic!

I hope everyone enjoys their time here!

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