I am Sarah Ludick. I am the new Photos Editor and designed the BirbOb banner.  I have had two jardines, one living to 14, the other only to three. I miss them! Now as I raise a 4-month African grey, Tigger, I am half scared something will happen to him. H does keep me on my toes!

In addition to raising Tigger, I do art and have an Etsy shop with memorial plaques, clocks and trinket boxes.

(Photo credits: Sarah Ludick)

I am blessed with Tigger– he is such a cutey! I am overprotective, I pray, I tell myself to keep the faith as he grows. Tigger comes to work with me. He just went on his first Holiday to The Beach with us. He charms me, he charms my husband, my Twitter and my Instagram friends — he brings JOY into my life!

Please watch this space . . . for Tigger’s next antic or trick. Like his first word (I am hoping it will be “Peekaboo!”)

Please watch this space . . . for fun, laughter, and giggles from our feathery friends.– Wing hugs to all!


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